Grimoires, Potions and and Charm Traits

Slightly rewritten crosspost from steam community forums.

As you know, the game has potions, which are useful and fun. But well, out of 4 players two need to carry grimoires. So at least one player is typically left out when it comes to potions. Usually this player is me, because either I know where grims are, can do the tricky jumps, or because we have a carry pyromancer/slayer/waystalker/bounty hunter/whatever on the team who want potions so they could show bosses who’s the boss here. Even when I play with team of friends we sometimes can’t agree that easily on who takes the grimoire. Usually the one who plays the character with least useful active ability.

Next, there are traits. Every single trait on charms expects you to have a potion. So if I’m the one to typically pick a grimoire there’s no benefit in upgrading a charm to orange quality.

This situation is not fun at all. I spent time to learn their location, I spent time to learn parkour, and I have a feeling of being left out building up, especially when I look at how pyromancer or waystalker spam ultimates with concentration potions or how slayer rips things to shreds with speed potion. Personal limitations, but benefits for everyone.

So, a suggestion. Maybe at least introduce some grimoire-related traits? Like, “when carrying a grimoire, receive an effect of potions used by other players”. Similar to Proxy, but reversed. Or just remake Proxy into this, since it’s probably one of the weakest option for charm trait at the moment.



Pretty good point. One of the things I really wished this game had was more traits. I’m speaking a bit greedily here, but I’d love like double the amount of traits. Or maybe if each DLC released a few traits for use.

That’s a cool idea. Grimoire-related traits sound interesting. Some neutral/non-grimoire/non-potion related traits would be nice too.

I fully agree with what you’re saying.


It’s still tons better than concoction . Concoction is absolutely,completely and terribly useless. It last so short that you won’t charge your ability by the tiniest bit,can’t do more damage to a boss compared to str or spd pot. It’s just dreadful,a garbage tier trait that’s only good for re-rolling.

With proxy at least SOMEONE gets some benefit,whether it’s charging his ability or dishing out damage on bosses/running faster/whatever. Even better in a coordinated group when two people set up to use the pot as best they can.

With concoction you get a useless fart that does absolutely nothing.

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