Zealot's Holy Fervour. Whats the point of it?

Kruber’s Mercenary passive does the same thing but for the entire group when hitting 3 enemies at once.
Weapon trait that gives 20% attack speed on crit.

Arent these class skills supposed to be entirely unique and powerful? Whats the point of Holy Fervour when the above 2 ways of getting attack speed is a lot easier? Sure it has a charge but it doesnt knock enemies back or down. It feels like a very weak design for a class skill and should be buffed. :thinking:

The zealot is supposed to go into a holy rage of smiting right? So here’s a suggestion…

Remove the charge
Keep attack speed bonus
Add 100% temporary health during the duration
Heal missing health for the % of temporary health lost at the end of the duration. (Say you lose 40% temporary health during the duration, you then heal for 40% of your missing health.)

The real question is : What’s the point of Zealot? Its not a good DPS or tank, bugged skills, terrible ult. The entire class needs a rework.


I agree, it needs some heavy rework. They should base it less on the flagellant and more on the warrior priest imo, maybe add a little bit of sigmarite magic too.

Just a slight correction, Merc Kruber gives 10% attack speed. Zealot gets 25% from his career skill.

But yeah they should just put it back to 50% like the beta.

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In beta zealot was amazing. But that was when he was unkillable and could spam speed pot

Out of curiosity, is zealot viable in higher ranks? I have him at lvl 20 and have only been playing veteran with him. Even with veteran I still struggle sometimes. I do not know if I just need more practice or if he is just so weak that it is best to avoid high end content with zealot. Any opinions?

well i imagine it could stack with mercenary’s ability so there’s that…

Seen him on Legendary before. But Pyro was carrying. Prob body guarded the Pyro with the stam shield talent

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At this point, they might as well just completely rework zealot - maybe instead make him a warrior priest. Although they would have to be very careful if they decide to give him any healing abilities since that might make the game to easy. Maybe some more stat bonus abilities or something?

Why? Just fix the bugs and see if he works. If not, tweak his abilities. No need to rework him starting from character concept; There’s nothing wrong with Victor being a zealot.

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