Zealot Fury of the Faithful and the other options

I was messing about with the builds like everyone else and couldn’t avoid noticing that the entire “right side” branch of the zealot felt… uninspired compared to the other two branches and even worse when compared to some of the other classes.

Specifically, it’s really clear when seeing the options to customize the combat ability itself for that branch.

While the other two branches have a reasonable amount of customization (2 choice at the least) the classic charge just have an uninspired “you can do it twice” which, as much as technically could be good, didn’t feel like “woah” as other customization option I can see even just for the Shroudfield for example. In fact, I wanted to go with the classic Zealot first, just for the sake of rushing towards the heretic like good old Saltz would like, but the other options felt so much more interesting that I couldn’t.

I mean, even another simple option that help reduce the cooldown to become a lethal zoomi boi would have helped.

I suppose that these talent will be retouched here and there in the near future so this is my plea to take another look at this part of the build tree.

Also, please some love for the veteran without keystones :wink:

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The thing is that the new dash already incorporate the 2nd lvl30 talent (Attack speed), while the other may be somewhere else in the tree (Melee crit reduce cooldown)

I could see them leave the double dash and make 2 self locking talents inspired by VT2’s

Flagellant’s Zeal: Each hit during Holy Fervour grants a stack up to 10. Each stack reduces the cooldown of Holy Fervour by 5% when the buff fades.

This would serve to let you build up your charge much quicker after a previous charge

Bull of Ostland!: Each enemy hit with Valiant Charge grants 3% attack speed for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.

This instead would let you go ham after charging in a horde

With both leading to another talent that maybe increase stagger to nearby enemies when charging

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I want 2 charges

And that’s fair, what I’m raising a point here is more options than just “here, 2 charges” and that’s it :stuck_out_tongue:

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