[Design] Zealot

Not another Zealot post… good/bad timing? oh well!

Here’s my attempt to rethink zealot, with many more options on how to play the career, focusing on more options for tank and team play as well as his hard hitting style. Anything not listed remains the same. Numbers to be tweaked and all ideas not mandatory… hopefully some will inspire FS and of course feel free to add your own.

OPTION 0 - variety / fun


Flail: Redesign to enhance longer charges and variety, Sienna Flail could have similar system

  • Charged swings now gains increase damage states per rotation, 1 to 2 additional power states similar to pick axe & rapier

  • 2nd Charge becomes a DPS head shot, with current rotation light+charge(2nd charge)

2H Sword: Redesign to be more akin to 2H Axe but for Krub/Saltz

  • light attacks 2 swing rotation head shot AP, downwards swings similar to current push attack

  • push attack revert to light cleave

Just general weapon updates not completely necessary

OPTION 1 - Simplest convert all green health at cost to other dps talents for greater/consistent stack damage or as utility talent… =/

Tier 2
Unbending Purpose: All sources of healing are converted to temporary health


Tier 5
Blood Something to…
All sources of healing are converted to temporary health

OPTION 2 - Rework passive ability around actively taking damage vs static health

Fiery Faith: Taking damage from enemies Increases damage by 10% for 10 seconds stacks up to 3 times.
Heart of Iron: …and grants full stacks for X seconds

Tier 4

  • Crusade: Allies also receive 50% of Fiery Faith effects

  • Holy Fortitude: Each stack of Fiery Faith also increases healing received by 10%, Temporary Health decays 50% slower

  • Armor of Faith: Every stack of Fiery Faith also reduces block cost by 10%, successful blocks refreshes stack duration


  • KiIlin It: Fiery Faith stacks an additional time, kills refreshes stack duration

OPTION 3 - Massive overall to make the current system work / new tools to work with stacks

Zealot Base Kit

  • Fiery Faith: Increases melee power & reduces damage received by 5% per 25 health missing, temporary health counts as half health. (max 7 stacks, now achievable when below 5 HP, or 9 THP, 6: 30/58, 5:55/118, 4: 80/158….ect)

  • Unswerving Strikes: Damage no longer interrupts or slows while zealot is attacking

  • Heart of Rage: Zealot may equip a melee weapon in ranged slot (Not Necessary just fun)

Maximizing damage now encourages more risk, with built in damage reduction and new talents to redirect green health below. Full temp health playstyle reaches 3 stacks with no grims, green health zealot reaches 4 stacks with 2 grims no CR/20%HP.

Tier 2

  • Castigate: While below 50% (green) health increase attack speed by 10%

  • Smite: Every 5th swing or shot will be a critical hit, can no longer critical randomly.
    (Fix!) (every swing/shot counts towards count) or…(every successful hit counts towards count, misses no longer consume crit) and…(volley crossbow triple shot should only count as 1 during crit shot, dual melee attacks should both crit)

  • Unbending Purpose: Power level of light attacks, pushes & push attacks increased by 10%

Castigate gave perm 20% AS to a career with it built into ultimate and fast weapons, overall unneeded reduced to 10% still easily achievable and maintained. Improved other talents to better compete. Smite is surprisingly useful except for its inconsistency between only successful hits counting to proc but unsuccessful hits consuming critical hit.

Tier 4

  • Holy Fortitude: Each stack of Fiery Faith also increases healing received by 5%, Temporary Health decays 50% slower

  • Armor of Faith: Every stack of Fiery Faith also reduces block cost by 5%

Holy Fortitude, health gains were tremendous at 90%, just from the talent reducing, to 30-35% and as temp health gains reduces effectiveness, reduced decay rate to reward quality play. Armor of Faith built into base kit and BCR for alternative tank play style.

Tier 5

  • Devotion: When nearby allies take damage reduce it up to 50% per Zealot’s green health, converts green health to temporary per damage

  • Calloused Without and Within to…
    Just a Flesh Wound:
    Taking damage increases all party damage by 5% for 5 seconds, stacks up to 2x

  • Blood Something to…
    All health gains converted to temporary health, No longer gain DR from fiery faith and THP no longer counts against stacks.

Two group oriented talents introduced for greater team play, one for risk/reward, one for group/self buff.

Tier 6

  • Feel Nothing: All Health set to 1, invulnerable for duration, and duration increased to 10 seconds.

  • Flagellant’s Zeal to…
    Sigmar’s Hammer:
    Holy Fervour collides with enemies, passing through lesser and stopping at heavy, while knocking down all enemies Zealot comes in contact with

  • Faith’s Flurry to….
    Holy Faith:
    Holy Fervour now grants 10 Fiery Faith stacks for duration but no longer grants attack speed, CD reduced by 50%

New options to play a temp health zealot more easily, green health zealot gaining all stacks for opportune moments and tank style knock down. All numbers subject to change, use as guidelines.


seems like a little too much going on for a passive especially since he’s got other passives too

I like it

we don’t need another slayer

yeah heal share as a talent is kinda pointless outside meme builds. stagger thp won’t get much use on zealot outside flail though and cleave would still be better there. THP and that talent row need some sweeping changes in general.

again, we don’t need another slayer

hm dunno about this, sounds like smite but with extra steps

sure why not

don’t think that’s a necessary change, also losing the movespeed talent would be kinda sad, I know a lot of people like that playstyle

this seems interesting but potentially unbalanced in concept

I don’t think Zealot needs more immortality than he already has

not much to say on the ult row.

in general I don’t know how I feel about slapping multi-layered talents onto classes, I much prefer keeping things simple; especially since talents with multiple facets can become power creepy very fast.

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Won’t comment on the rest for now, just wanna point out about this one that I would really like flail to be Zealot’s premiere option, so would rather see bonus heavy attack damage to synergize with flail.

Other talent choices are interesting but don’t have time right now to break down thoughts on the others.

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Light attacks seem more of a preference for his fast swinging weapon set even flail I’d think does better armor AP with lights possibly only 2h Sword and billhook would benefit more from heavies though not by much id think.

Stacking DR would really only become notice able at very low health with temp health counting until combined with holy fortitude which yah is prob too powerful may need to drop some of the extra effects, but didn’t want to destroy a persons play style outright could just revert the DR to Armor of Faith only.

I like the melee only option works well with GK, zealot with a movement ult would only do better IMO range overrated.

The crit with extra steps though stacks a lot better with crit gear and crit stack talent, otherwise no benefit i guess other than ignoring crit for guaranteed smite crit. Not sure many use it now simply because how good Castigate is, maybe would be better with it dethroned and no need for either crit talent changes.

Also not sure if devotion would be OP unless group had group heal builds w/ say GK, WS and a group heal RV and NB Zealot maybe…

uhh you do know something like the rapier exists which has innate block cost?

so you get up to 90% block cost reduction plus rapiers innate block cost reduction.

Numbers can be reduced don’t think it will be any different than other classes that can achieve 100% bcr without the health stack limitation.

Yeah for armour, sure, but your main horde/control rotation is spamming heavy, so I think power on heavies would be more beneficial overall.

Honestly though I’d prefer something other than power to mix things up a bit. More stagger or cleave perhaps? Would be somewhat fitting for a Zealot thrashing wildly. More cleave or stagger on heavies or lights could also potentially open up some interesting build options, like a 1h axe build that can cleave an extra slave rat/fanatic, or a flail build oriented more around CC. Dunno, just spitballing here really.

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I thought that was WHC class ability, not rapier?

Rapier has innate BCR which works regardless of class. WHC passive applies to all weapons used by WHC


Sorry for all the edits, after further testing and input… came out pretty similar to current Zealot state. Biggest issues of him being too powerful and defensive with current temp health system counting for no health on top of Holy Fortitude massive temp health gains.

Having any team play heal upsets the power loss of those abusing the current system so nerfing both is and adding competing talents and better methods to manage health ontop of some team helping talents may make him a more… friendly/balanced class

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This is why I keep tossing into the void that if Zealot’s not getting a complete class rework, if he’s keeping his current theme of power and skills at low health, and with all of his tools of survival, he should be base 100 hp. At base 100 hp he could still face tank harder than Slayer, get to his passives and powers faster, and just genuinely be less of a chore to play.

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Honestly even now easily doable and powerful just have to run 20% health and no Curse Resist assuming you get both grims you sit at 4 stacks with 72 health. Revamps mostly to appease OP temp health system / encourage the class to be better at team play.

Instead of changing the entire Zealot career, give him some sort of team buff for X amount of seconds when enemies damage him. This will change Zealot players from asking teammates to hit them at the beginning and thus giving those same teammates a small buff when he does take normal damage throughout a map.

I never understood why someone would need full stacks from the beginning of a map anyways. Omg those OP roaming and horde enemies :wink:

EDIT: change Zealot’s healshare talent to give him THP when healing a teammate with a medpack!!!

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I can’t believe I missed this entirely. For whatever reason, viewing these forums on my phone causes the screen to skip up or down. My apologies.

More adjustments to reflect steam discussions

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