Give Zealot an "opt out"

I am so sick of joining a game and having to ask a Waystalker not to use Amaranthe, or ask a group not to pick up Grims because a Grail Knight has the team passive healing quest. We need the ability to deny these things from affecting our green health. Allow Zealots to opt out of receiving healing from passives, heal share talents, and idiots that don’t know not to heal the Zealot. Or make all healing sent our way temp health instead of green health. Trying to play Zealot effectively with anyone other than a full premade group is torture. And no Career should be forced to only play in premades.


The OP is right, other people should be forced into not using specific talents or traits, or out right skip grims and make GK passive useless simply because a Zealot showed up.

This Zealot “opt out” option would probably make lives easier for everybody.


New trait properties : Increase healing received by 35%. Convert all healing received in temporary health.


Easy option, stop playing zealot or accept consequences :slight_smile:


This being the feedback forum, where we are meant to ask for these types of things, do you think you are being helpful?


Yes, there is consequencess to your actions so deal with it. Zealot don’t need all stacks to be still mindless slaughter machine


Care to take a guess as to what the consequence is if you heal me? I’m more than happy to “deal with it.” You wouldn’t be so happy.

I would just deal with it normally so ? Sometimes teamwork needs little sacrifice

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“deal with it normally” as in leave the game? because I’d drop you to red health and shoot anyone who tried to rez you.

If you think you are going to be able to drop me with a full health bar and my Mortality before I drop you, I invite you to try.

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Whats your Steam name? Just in case you’re playing EU region.

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Hope you don’t actually expect an answer to that question lol. The point here is that this is the Feedback Forum. It is meant for these requests.

#1 - it’s my character, I will play at 6 stacks if I want, and no one has the right to tell me otherwise…this would have been a much more polite conversation if that had been respected

#2 - if this request were to go live, it would only have either a positive impact or no impact on him at all. telling me to just deal with my situation is rude and the behavior of a jackass troll

#3 - if the way I wish to play is threatened, i will do the same in return. I imagine most of the community prefers playing this game without 6 xbow bolts sticking out of their foreheads.

If you want the “not so friendly” fire to stop, stop healing Zealots. It doesn’t hurt anyone else to give us a change so we only get temp health when others heal us. Or even if we are just unhealable other than by our own hands.

If you’re not going to say anything meaningful or contribute, why say anything at all? I mean seriously, do you even get the issue OP has? I’ve had Zealots leave because I have Amaranthe and it negates the Zealot gimmick entirely! Zealot should definitely be excluded from the effects of Amaranthe. It’s literally the entire point of the character, and no - getting heals from a random teamcomp isn’t an acceptable “consequence”. Careers shouldn’t fudge over other careers. Simple as.


Thank you. We lose so much from each stack, for people to act like it’s not a big deal is irritating.

Part of the game is the team dynamic of characters that don’t like each other. Everyone undermining one another is a part of the game(hence you blastin fools for healing you)

Classes have their own ups and downs based upon the team composition. As a Kruber main I fairly regularly spend a lot of the match on fire, or peppered by Elf Ults or someone lobbing bombs.

OF course it’s annoying when I’m half blinded by fire a lot of the time - but it’s the nature of playing a Melee frontline class when there’s splash damage weapons. I’d really like to opt out of the Hagbane damage please.

the HP regen is arguably OP anyhow, so changing the Vow it to THP regen might be better.

BTW, Nice attitude @Jaiden26, really helped people take you seriously and helped your case.


Unbending Purpose could be reworked to convert all green hp gains to thp

right now that talent is just “5% power” which is…useless


Taking accidental friendly fire is not the same thing. Not even the same ballpark. There are popular talents and class passives that work directly against the design of this character. Not to mention being deliberately healed. I’m sure people feel benevolent picking Amaranthe, yet it makes it impossible for me to do my job.

Taking the occasional Hagsbane friendly fire damage is a far cry from losing 5% attack power and 15% healing received (temp hp generation) per stack. Also, losing 10% attack speed if I go above 20% hp and another 10% attack speed when I go above 50%.

So I’m sorry that I’ve been a bit sassy when dealing with people who undercut the fact that being healed breaks my effectiveness in battle entirely. And I’m sorry you’ve suffered so greatly having to deal with the same friendly fire I deal with, while not having to manage your health as stringently as I do. How stressful your life must be.

I like what you are thinking but I think Castigate is too important, it’s 20% attack speed. I think it would be better to have what Sienna has (specific traits). Heat management is on her staffs, and on Bardin’s flame thrower. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to give Zealots a different “Boon of Shallya” on their neck or something.

Yeah I was just thinking in terms of making that talent row more competitive and making that one talent not useless


That’s a reasonable goal :slight_smile:

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