Right click buffs

to remove them just like in world of warcraft. i speak mainly for zealots and the healing buff. if theres a buff i dont want, i should be able to just right click it to remove it. plz implement this :O!

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Or just you know deal with it? That character is risk vs reward, you want only reward

what are u talking about? where does “not wanting heal from buff” fit in the risk vs reward? is not getting heal a reward? also i’m asking for quailty of life. what is the world ending consequence from fatshark giving us this quality of life feature (of right click healing buff icon to remove it and not getting heal)?

I’d like to right click and remove Friendly Fire from my overcharge bar when I’m playing Sienna please as it’s something I don’t want.

It seems like you’re trying to remove the downside of one of the core mechanics of Zealot.

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oh my interpretation of OP was for talents. Like if you dont want any talent on a particular row you can right click to unselect and have none selected

what you think are the downsides are not really zealots designed downsides. fatshark can’t balance around every game to have a gk. (use gk as an example, or waystalker)

having gk and the chance of getting grim quest is so rare that having this “downside” is not normal, it is abnormal. therefore you cant say this is working-as-intended. therefore zealots in this “downside” situation is not “working as intended” and my suggestion alleviate the zealot from such predicament.

edit: i should clarify that by balance i mean balancing how zealot works*

edit some more: spelling lulz


Of course you would. Because Blood Magic clearly shouldn’t activate for FF (it was patched for disablers, it could be patched here too). So really you’re arguing in favour of OP’s point whether or not you meant to.

Arguing that a quality of life fix shouldn’t happen because another class also needs it but hasn’t received it is logical fallacy 101.

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you know it was sarcasm.

And thats not QoL thats just straight up buff that zealot dont need

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what i’m asking is not a buff. why are you oppose to zealots not getting unwanted healing?

zealot’s mechanics isn’t revolved around juggling hp. I say this is because not juggling hp is the normal game play for zealot; get to 1 end of the spectrum and stay there is the normal, intended gameplay for zealot.

if zealot were suppose to to play hp juggling, then the dev would’ve done something so zealot need to CONSISTENTLY, IN EVERY GAME, juggling his hp. but zealot doesnt in his majority game play. because the chance of getting gk with grim quest, and/or waystalker with party regen talent is very low comparing to not getting those conditions. and the reason why is because fatshark cannot balance how zealot’s mechanics work around always having a “constant stream of hp regen”. since most of then time the party wont have it.

what you think how zealot plays is such a “once in a blue moon” environment that if that tiny percentage of game play occurrence is the intended design of zealot, then the dev would’ve done something to force zealot to constantly juggle their hp a long time ago.

no, zealot swimming in thp is the intended mechanics, and i am requesting for this intended mechanic to be CONSISTENTLY implemented.

Of course I know it was sarcasm, I was just pointing out that it ended up making the opposite point to my mind.

I agree OP’s suggested implementation isn’t ideal, but I do think that, like Blood magic’s interaction with friendly fire, Zealot’s interaction with team healing takes too many elements of his kit out of his control. I would rather he was given a way to opt out of team regen even if it had to come paired with a nerf to be balanced.

Bit of a sidetrack here, but I wonder if a Zealot with max damage reduction + GK’s and Waystalker’s team heals would be more tanky than a temp hp Zealot. With DR instead of increased healing received, they may be able to hit trade to stay at low health more comfortably.

Has anyone tried this? I would myself, but I don’t have access to my pc for the next few days.

high thp regen is better than the current amount dmg reduction offered by gk and/or ws. the dmg reduction is just not high enough to compete with zealots’ crazy thp regen.

this is why 2h sword is the best weapon for zealot. 2h sword’s high cleave (both light and heavy attacks) can generate zealot’s full hp bar wroth of thp in seconds, and on demand (this is with thp on multiple hit talent).

directly after 2h sword is the 1h axe. the 1h axe does crazy high single target dmg that u’ll kill almost every infantry in 1 or 2 hits (1 hs lulz). and combined this with thp from kill u’ll get huge chunks of thp from even a tiny little slave rat, let alone the high elites that u’ll be 3 shotting.

again it’s the “on demand” thp. this lets you trade hits and play like a WoW blood death knight. the current gk/ws just cant compete with this.

PS: 1h axe is actually not that bad in horde fight. because you have push/push attack which does aoe cc. combine this with the “recharge all stam from receiving dmg” talent and zealot’s innate ability to trade hits, it lets you spam push attacks so u’ll always be aoeing (albeit in a non dmg fashion for cc)

PPS (lulz): i should’ve mention that having no hp is not just a survival benefit (the increased thp regen buff from having no hp), but also a dps increase. at … oh god i dont remember the actual number, maybe 10%? you’ll have 6 stacks of the vanilla zealot dmg buff, and a 6 stacks of thp regen buff, and 2 stacks of attack speed buff. so it gives you dps for not having hp as well. having no hp for zealot is not just win win, its win win win (maybe 1 more win lulz) lmao!

It would probably serve you better to mostly ignore Perteks, since his regular response to feedback posts are “deal with it”, which obviously misses the point of feedback in the first place, but what you gonna do.


tbh they should just replace unbending purpose with a talent that converts green health gains to THP

that would put it in competition with Castigate which means you have to choose between (a potentially inconsistent) higher peak of power or a lower peak power but without the risk of losing it

that way you gotta give something up and Castigate is a big price to pay for that. It’d also solve the issue of unbending purpose being literally worthless (5% power is a big xD talent)


The character design is working exactly as intended. It is intended that a flagellant would not want health regen. It should be annoying, it should make Zealot less optimal. You are supposed to feel this way; that is the character design working perfectly.

Bonus for low health has to cut both ways.

Zealot’s current design is hot garbo, but he is strong as a character.

Arguing for his redesign and arguing for his quality of life are two different things. In the perfect world he would be revamped and demand for a bandaid fix for a dumb problem wouldn’t exist.

But he will probably stay in the hot garbo territory for a while, so you might as well.

Or you can ask people nicely to pass on team regen, or find another lobby. I don’t see a Talent that can be substituted by a grain of social adequacy and common sense breaking any new ground.
It would still be better than current Unbending Purpose though.

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Since regular response to post that can’t deal with mechanics should be like that, learning to play. He is one of most forgiving class offering way too much without any risks.

your profile picture suits you perfectly


I don’t understand how people think having team regen as a zealot adds risk to a zealot.
It’s just annoying, nothing more. You can hate on zealot for being brainless to play and super strong but that shouldn’t be a reason to ignore the team regen issue. It gimps zealot and it’s not fun, yes zealots can play around it, but try playing 1 game with max team regen and it’s honestly insane how annoying it is to keep taking hits again. It’s also possible to not be healed by bots, by either taking all the bandages, shooting and killing them or outrunning them, but that’s annoying.

I think currently the only option is to either: ask your team to change, leave the lobby, play with premades, don’t play zealot, surrender and play max hp zealot. It’s creates this unhealthy scenario, where players will leave or rage on other players because of a talent usage, and that shouldn’t be the case.

Solutions are difficult. I don’t think zealot should be able to just toggle something and opt out of team regen. Either make a talent like incandesent proposed, or add something that zealot should do ingame to remove it or lessen it.

…or you know, rework zealot


I don’t understand how ppl can’t grasp that if zealot want full stacks he needs to get to dangerous low health and with team heal its actually risk vs rewards like that class should be