Right click buffs

what risk is there in team health regen exactly?

What risk is in full stack zealot?

Are you actually saying that two out of sixteen careers that are not even Saltzpyre related, which can regen permanent health, are the intentional design to balance Zealot in any way?


that’s a total non-answer and you know it

Hell you even contradict yourself in your own statement there. There’s no risk associated with it at all, it just means you need to go through the tedium of taking more hits or getting the sienna to bolt you a couple times.


You probably think it’s more risk because you have to take more hits which has more chance for a player to make a mistake and go down, but in reality that’s not the case. You just take some slave rat hits or ask for ff, it’s tedious. They removed the ib talent that gives gromril reduction every time you proc it, because players were intentionally taking hits or asking for ff.

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lots of forum pvp going on here lol.


So explain me why there is tons of zealots that die from those slave rats :smiley:

No I’m saying that 2 out of sixteen careers don’t make that zealot need additional buffs in term of easy going max stacks

getting max stacks is part of the zealot kit. nothing wrong with getting them easily, if not constantly from start of the game. zealot, getting hit on purpose at the start of the map to get those stacks, this action itself is putting effort in getting access to everything zealot has. there isn’t any other career that requires you to jump hoops to get everything in their kit.

believing doing this constantly every 15-20 seconds just to play zealot as it was intended is just plain mad.

eh zealot needs a redesign tbh

Anyway there’s no other class in the game that’s actively weakened by other career’s abilities, zealot is the only class that deals with that issue. That, to me, is a design flaw.


Because those zealots don’t know how much damage an enemy hit does.
Having hp regen really doesn’t affect good zealots risk wise, it’s just more annoying and tedious to do. Which results in players leaving and finding another lobby or asking their teammates to change talents (which can result in toxicity). It’s just that it’s out of the zealots control.

It literally doesn’t change much if zealot has a way to remove the team regen.
It’s like his passive being available at the start of a round; a good zealot knows how much hits he can take from what enemy, or even what elite attack puts him at max stacks immediately, a new player doesn’t know that, so it makes him more accessible and more fun to play. So it only removed the risk for the newer players, not for the ones who already had a way to consistently get max stacks without going down.
The team regen is a bit the same, good players will know how to play around it, new players won’t. However in both those scenario’s the player will probably choose to just leave and find a new lobby. Why would someone choose to play a game where he has to re take dmg every couple seconds or ask for ff from his teammate everytime he goes above a certain hp threshold, it’s just tedious, no skill.

It’s like bots healing you. Everytime it happens i’m annoyed. It’s not hard for me to get everything back, just not fun to do, and bots dont heal you very often, so imagine max team regen.

On the other side tho, i do agree zealot is easy to play and there is barely or even zero risk involved to play him efficiently, currently. I don’t think tho that having team regen or bots healing him will solve that issue.

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BRING BACK SELF-MORTIFICATION! It could damage HP but not tHP. If I could run around hitting myself by pressing special attack I would play Zealot way more. Especially if we also got some nice voicelines with it. REPENT!

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