Please buff zealot

either give him a passive or something that prevents teammates might aswell call them enemys of sigmars chosen to heal him

and while you do that fatshark, also buff his stacks to lets say 150% to ensure that i dont have to swing my weapons all to often to do atleast 3times the dmg of anything near me

if you refuse sigmar wont be happy and you want sigmar to be happy dont you ?

regards towly


should have put it in the feedbacksection like all the other trolls but i couldnt force myself to do it



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I want new zealot like this


ehmm the new buffed zealot is already crazy strong because his low hp buffs proc on temp health. He can get a perma 30% power bonus when he gets all 6 stacks of buffs going. Couple that with his insane tankiness and fairly high crit chance for a tank character and you can literally stand still and left click spam a horde to death

AnF could also use a buff while we are at it.

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Ah… Sigmar already grants this buff… simply donate 1 unit of ammunition to the cause (by pulling your trigger whilst looking at the party member with the offending med pack and the heal shall be interrupted.)

Unfortunately heal share will still kill your stacks…

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I’m shooting at/throught him as much as possible to balance the unwanted heals!