Your Audio system is absolutely terrible - Sound cues not playing

The lack of sound cues from the various elites, specials and even sometimes the ‘you are about to be hit from behind’ sound is abysmal.

Silent crushers, poxbursters, etc still exist.

Is this going to get fixed or should everyone download that mod that reads to you special spawns.

I consider that mod cheating, but hell if your game can’t play simple sounds…


There’s definitely some mods I’d consider “cheating” based on descriptions and functions I’ve seen… “Spidey Sense” isn’t one of them. It’s just a visualization for enemies that should have audio cues anyway.

That’s literally just an accessibility feature that probably should be a configurable setting in the game for anyone who is hearing impaired or has auditory processing problems… Or, y’know… whoever just wants to turn it on. Accessibility features are good for everyone.


I honestly find Spidey Sense fairly useless in day-to-day matches. It doesn’t do a good job delineating threat levels; it’s hard to gauge what’s an immediate problem and what isn’t, at least in its default configuration.

If you’re speedrunning or soloing, the ability to know where stuff is before it deploys on the map is definitely useful, but it doesn’t matter in pubs all that much.

For the deaf, it’s going to be an absolute game changer.

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It’s a problem for me.

My hearing is okay-ish for a late 40something, but the sound I get in game is quite often just a mush dominated by muties whenever it gets really busy. And ironically that’s when you really need the sound cues so you can prioritise targets.

Maybe my onboard sound chip just isn’t very good. Likely. But I bet that’s what most people rely on.

And I should add, even now after a year, the in-game voice is incomprehensible for me. “mmph mph mmhphph mmm!!”. I can’t work out why the quality is so bad? I run discord or teamspeak separately when playing with friends, and that is clear as day. But even when that’s not active and I’m playing pugs, I cannot work out what people are saying in game. I know of the ducking mod, I don’t want it as I don’t want even fewer audio indicators because of a heavy breather or someone’s budgie chirping in the background.

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The market for sound cards died long ago. Most motherboards today have fairly high-quality sound processing so there’s no point unless you’re an audiophile or a moron (there is no in-between).

In-game voice quality is shite, it’s a terrible bitrate and there’s not even minor audio adjustment when vox channels are engaged so it’s often pointless to use.

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There is also an incredibly large overlap between the two.

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Now I need to excise that pointless “since” from that sentence.

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I have eyed up an external sound card for some time, but just backed away as I couldn’t justify the expense. I have a (spare - unusued) active sub + surrounds from Altec Lansing, but plugging it in to the mobo surround jacks is just horrible (I get all the crossover from the graphics card which is a consistent whine/hum). Having a usb based card would obviously avoid the grounding issues that are clearly present. Anyway - this is off topic :wink: - I think I’ll just get a better bluetooth headset and have done. Not that these current beyerdynamics aren’t good mind you.

There is a post somewhere of a Dev, stating that this problem is result of a system they tried to implement some patches ago which is supposed to make enemies that are considered a threat, by the system, louder and minor threats more quiet.

Needless to say that it doesn’t really work.


Poxbursters/hounds/trappers should be heard by all period lol

Crushers within 10m too.

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Sounds like a you problem. I clearly hear the audio for every single enemy in the game with perfect accuracy. The audio queues are so good in the game, i only play auric maelstorms and im able to detect every enemy from every direction due to the amazing sound queues. maybe you should check out your hardware

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Lol nice sarcasm



Not sarcasm, if you cant hear the enemies you are either not listening or there is something wrong with your hardware. Its easy to blame the game when you make mistakes

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It was never going to work because we cannot chose which is a high threat and which is not ourselves.

The idea is nice in principle but if everything is considered low threat and I can’t configure it myself, it’s more than just pointless.

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LOL I’m not the first to notice this, even people ingame with chat are noticing the same thing.

But hey you only play auric maelstrom and can hear everything perfectly. So why are you in my thread derailing it with your elitism?

My sound/headphones are fine btw, my hearing is fine too as I have to get it checked annually for my job.


Ok how about you make some clips of your supposed broken audio so i can see you get downed by something that was easily avoidable

Well, you’re welcome to use your enhanced hardware to let us know when you hear the following. From this thread (here) please give us your input on :

The poxbursters in this video. Just give us the time stamp you hear the “pock” noise before the first one leaps. I hear one at 18 seconds which explodes within a second and half, then a second one at 20s which explodes immediately. But you can demonstrate me wrong if that’s not the case. As there are no doors near that area they’ve travelled on foot in to the fight zone so it’s not a “door-emerge”.

And the audio cues for the three distinct back-hits in this video at circa 10s. I hear the first two, which I didn’t react fast enough to, but I didn’t hear the third one. By all means you can tell me when that happens.

These are captured directly from “default device” in OBS studio - i.e. via the Windows sound system - so if my playback on beyerdynamic headphones aren’t good enough then I’ll know where to invest more money!

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The first video only 1 poxburster hit you and it did have an audio queue it just didnt beep for 100 years before it got to you but it definitely gave you enough audio push it, you can clearly hear it jump you just didnt react to it. The second video has 3 obvious audio queues of enemies trying to hit you from the back, one at 2 one at 10 and one at 11 so im not sure what your talking about unless you mean the next hit you took in the back when multiple enemies swing at the same time. You didnt block or dodge any of the hits and you didnt even turn around to look at how many enemies there was. Sometimes you hear 1 whoosh but its multiple enemies swinging at the same time

His claim of being able to hear every single enemy just fine is especially funny because it’s been known for a very long time that certain sections outright MUTE soundcues from certain specials as they are considered “being in a different section of the map” and therefore get 0 sound cues.

Some (if not all, but I’d doubt the all part) have been fixed relatively recently.


I hear every enrmy that directly threatens me. There is no point in hearing every enemy in the game if those enemies far as f away are not going to be a threat for 30 seconds or more. Besides there is a clear audio que for when a disabler spawns and that is more then enough warning for the far away enemies. Enemies that dont disable such as poxburster flamer bombers and mauler/crusher give more then enough audio queue when they are next to you to react to them in time.