Fix the sound design and add closed captions for the hearing impaired

The sound design in this game neds work. This came up in my other thread The REAL problem. FS and the culture of control

TBH, I kind of think you didn’t include enough sound because you want more surprise zombies, and in inability to maintain situational awareness… same as the refusal to install a better spawn direction.

But hey, maybe this is just by accident and not my main theory! THIS post is just going to operate from the assumption this was an oversight.

It might be you held your sound guy back, didn’t give him time, put someone who really was doing some other job on it, but the sound in this game really, really needs improvement.

The soundtrack, for those who like it, has been popular, but music isn’t the same as sound effects, ambiance, sounds made by enemies or by weapons.

I was watching a group of zombies drop down ten feet in a mission, and they didn’t make enough sound for one zombie, let along a horde. I can’t hear zombies sneaking up on me, are they suppose to be ninja zombies? I’d had scab bruisers spawn behind me and make no sound. Their armor should rattle.

Sound design is an art and a science, and a good sound guy is worth whatever you pay him. He’ll bring your picture alive in ways you can’t imagine until you are in the editing room with him.

This game mostly takes place inside, under a hive city. It should be alive with a million sounds all at once, and every enemy should have footsteps, gear rattle, breathing. Even the shells in the magazines should rattle a bit! (Anyone with an AK knows what I mean.)

The picture is magnificent, the sound isn’t.

We all know what sound design can do, but I hope others will put their favorite games for sound in this post.

Mine is “thief, the dark project.”

The sound was an important as the picture.

And anyone who played can still hear these guys in their head.

Please, hire someone, pay them well, and give us the multilayered sound that this game really calls for.

Listen to this. A pox walker drops out of the ceiling, and then a door opens and a couple of dregs come out. There’s almost no sound.

Here’s a crusher walking on sand in his full armor. Makes less sound then my cat on carpet.

BTW, I think this Crusher is a cheatspawn, he wasn’t there a second ago, but I’m at file size limit.

This element of the game needs work. The hearing impaired need captions, like backstab and headshot and doors opening. The game is weaker for not being able to hear what’s going on around you, and the sound design as it stands is uninspired, mushy, and brings little to the table.

Please, do a full rework of the sound! (and then caption it!)

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Cues and effects also get either drowned out by or is mixed to be quieter than horde noises. Sometimes they won’t play at all, so I wonder if the engine is has a limit on simultaneous sounds.

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Agree with you. :point_up_2:
Join us, join us now…

*edit though I think, since I posted the above, that the valkyrie hallowette speech is now much clearer. I’ve no evidence to support that other than impression.

there was also a recent microsoft update that forces their sound direction native, but I can’t find anything free to get around that.

There is a mod for closed captions:

That’s a good mod but it only does spawns.

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