Spidey Sense mod is a ridiculous obvious cheat mod

It gives WAAAAY more information than you could ever have.

Here is what it SAYS it does (this is a blatant lie):
“The mod gives visual cues for sound effects enemies make”

Here is what the actual reality looks like:
It CONSTANTLY shows most specials in the freaking training room (you know the room with all those constant special sound effects so loud you have to turn down the volume)
It FREQUENTLY shows specials before they even leave their spawn/wall.
It FREQUENTLY shows walking snipers/bombers/flamers up to 40 meters away that make absolutely no sound whatsoever to the point where you can accurately track their movement. I dont know if am supposed to hear uber loud footsteps constantly everytime a special spawns but that^ is what the mod ACTUALLY does.

If you are using this mod you are CONSTANTLY seeing specials that you had ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to recognize if you werent using it. Thats an actual fact. it gives WAAAAY more information than it should.

It is absolutely ridiculous.

hey fartshark, USE THIS FREAKING MOD


Not the first person to make this complaint, but they only seem to review if the mods cause issues with the game directly with programs so who knows if they’ll actually manually look into it.

Thanks for the heads up. Didn’t know this existed.

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I’ll probably use this mod.

Trapper nets going thru physical objects. Point blank shots from doors is cheap, unengaging unfun gameplay.

Dog pounce latency issues still exist.

Silent pox busters and bursters popping you from inside a spawn door is lazy coding and also bad gameplay.

Mutants are the only good special imo.

Maybe the devs should unf**k their game, then maybe mods like this wouldn’t exist.


This should actually be a feature built in the game that you could toggle. It actually helps if someone has hearing problems/def.


Maybe you’re already aware, but snipers do have a very audible walking sound.


I wonder why you’d feel so insecure about people noticing specialist and react accordingly.

If the game is in perfect state player would always able to tell specialist’s location by audio anyway which is pretty much by design, they’re priority target that need to be get rid as soon as possible.

it only count as advantage currently because the sound system is broken.


If the sound cues actually worked, then this mod wouldn’t exist. Instead, FS had to turn the music off in hopes of fixing the sound issue.


When audio worked I could pin point stuff pretty damn well.

Granted this is objectively easier, also visually noisy while also being confusing on vertically layered locations, but if you think I’m taking an L from a silent trapper ever again you’d be wrong.


When one of my usual teammates told me about this mod, I declined the whole idea as a crutch.

After pumping some more time into random games on auric, without the usual, strong squad, and getting a lot of games ended prematurely due to silent trappers and bursters, I decided that my life is too short to deal with that BS and gave it a try.

After one game, I was absolutely stunned, about the amount of dangerous enemies that do not play sound cues, or whose sound cues get drowned in the multitude of sounds caused by the usual amount of enemies on Auric.

For the first run, I turned every cue off in the mod, except for dogs, bursters and trappers. Dogs are not the issue, since their sound cue plays for a long time as they approach, but bursters and trappers, oh my. I would miss around 4-6 of those in one hi-int mission. One mission! It is enough to miss one of those to waste another 40 min of your lifetime. To be clear, the audio cue played 90% of time, but was barely audible, and I registered it only due to visual indicator.

So as long as the sound director / engine is overwhelmed by the game, I see it as a hotfix, not a crutch. The bug is acknowledged and the fix is somewhere in the pipeline, at least according to the forum. Here is the link to related issue. The sound engine is overwhelmed with the amount of specials spawning on auric.

Once the issue is fixed, I will be more than happy to throw it out of the window. But for now, spidey sense stays.

EDIT: I do not wish to bloat this topic further, so no further post from my side, but the point made by Sioux or Jasper below, with the accessibility the mod provides for hearing impaired people is excellent. Thumbs up for that. I wasn’t considering that aspect while I was writing this post.


I think its a great tool to make the game more accessible to people who are hearing impaired.

Its also a good tool for people that are tired of dealing with silent specials.


people using hacks are, for the same reasons they use hacks, terrible damn players. these guys will wander blindly through the map, waiting for the icon to come up and then blindly spray at it instead of paying any actual attention to the group and then blame the team when they get bodied by all the chaff shooters they ran past to shoot a rager as it walked out of their spawn door.

a big part of this game is understanding positioning and prioritizing and these types of things are essentialy for players to pretend they don’t need that while making everyone else’s day worse.

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Oh wait now that I think about it you’re the same guy that got dunked on in THIS is what the HEALTHBAR MOD has done to this game! thread.

Oh well, I’m outta here.


comon this is not how it works-
Against this mod, but please use proper communication skills to adress your wants.

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If it was implented by the Dev, it likely would take all of that into consideration, but there is a limit what Mods can do.

What i don’t understand is: Why is this such an issue? Don’t use the Mod and you’ll be fine.

And is this really different from a Veteran’s Executioner’s Ability highlighting every Elite and Special on the map?


yes one has oppotunity cost the other doesn’t its entirely different.

well haven’t tried the mod and i know that guy is known for exaggerating but, its a legitimate concern to keep a game free of cheats, and that includes on your team and pure koop games.
especially if it has potencial to spread like an epidemic due to it being in the “grey area”…

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Terrible comparison. Not half as good even if you only look at the functional level.

Ive been playing the highest difficulty missions that mission board has to offer on and off since the release of rogue trader (god knows that game isnt playable right now) and you know how many people ive seen using Exe Stance?
Exactly 0.

Wanna know why?
Opportunity cost.
You actually have to pay for getting NON PERMANENT highlights with vet and you actually have to rotate your screen to see enemies while the mod allows you to see enemies THROUGH WALLS AND BEHIND YOU ALL THE TIME.

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Most of the most popular mods offer some sort of QOL or improvement that will either directly or indirectly help someone play better.
Is it making the game easier? yes.
So is healthbars, third person, weapon FOV, crosshairs, full auto etc.

But i now use most of these aside from 3rd person, firstly I assume that anyone playing Auric is using whatever mods they want to make the game feel playable, im never going to look at the scoreboard (which is a mod in itself) and think “This Vet is only doing a million damage and able to turn around to push walkers away as they spawn because they are cheating.” But who cares?

its a PVE game, the goal is to have fun, these mods make the game more fun, less frustrating id grant that full auto is a clear advantage over non users, but it also makes m1 with staffs a viable method of using them, so i dont care.

The combination of weapon fov mods and a static crosshair that shows bloom accurately is the only way I can use some weapons, If I had to play this game on console I would have to ignore like half the pool because the iron sights would block my entire (locked) fov.


No. You can click spam real easily even on weapons with 6+ attacks per second.

You know what full auto helps with? Preventing carpal tunnel.

I agree with the sentiment of what spidey sense does, but the maximum range could be tuned down. That’s the only thing. It’s how I have mine set up, but mainly because I hate being spammed with warning colors every maelstrom.