THIS is what the HEALTHBAR MOD has done to this game!

Multiple people over several games telling my Veteran with the freaking “+% damage on tagged targets” CAPSTONE feature to STOP TAGGING.


Did i mention i can pinpoint accurately echolocate specials through walls as well with the latest abomination of a “QOL feature” now? (no not the healthbar mod - the other one - yes THAT one)
Very cool

Whoever is making these mod decisions needs to reevaluate their life choices.

The games difficulty is a freaking joke and mods are a huge part of that.

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I have never, across hundreds and hundreds of hours, ever heard anyone tell anyone else to stop tagging.

Were you tagging the wrong things? Were you tagging every .2 seconds, perhaps? As in spamming tag for several seconds at every group of enemies?


I’m struggling to understand why someone would ask you to stop tagging.

Maybe someone took the mob down to half health before you tagged? Even so who cares lol, sounds like you ran into an elitist douche.

As for the mod that tells you what spawns, yea I think that’s cheating, but this game has terrible audio cues.


I’m just curious, because there is nothing about the healthbar mod which would make one bit of difference in terms of tagging. Which means your entire argument is extremely strange at the best of times, and doubly so when you’re unable to make a coherent argument and instead you’re just insulting everyone.


Woah, looks like the team had a few other issues with you besides tagging. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s something that sometimes happens if someone on the team has tag bound to left-click and it can become pretty annoying. This was less of an issue with Vermintide 2 since the tag had a longer cooldown and the visual-audio feedback for tagging was less in-your-face.

I’ve seen others complain about it, but I personally don’t have much issue with it since I use this mod that makes spam-tagging less annoying.

It was OK as long as you were tagging the same thing over and over, but if there were lots of things being tagged rapidly it got pretty obnoxious. I should know, I had an auto-tag macro that had people constantly asking me to stop.

This sort of thing is just the cost of attaching gameplay bonuses to the tag mechanic.

I’m at around 500 hours now, and I’ve personally never experienced enemy spam-tagging.

My teams (both consisting of friends and PUBs) will just tag a relevant enemy once and wait until either the tag disappears or a more important enemy appears to tag again. The only spam-tagging that I’ve ever witnessed is when an empty-handed teammate misses an item and someone else wants them to go back and grab it, but that usually only happens on non-Damnation runs.

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I remember telling some random Vet to tone down their Focus Target tag because they keep spamming it on the same target non stop and it was annoying as hell.

but Idk what this even have anything to do with either healthbar mod or spidey sense mod, seem like you’re just lashing out here.


If this is the first response they have to a question then I’m gonna go on a limb, and say there was build up to the “incident” with their general obnoxious demeanor.


They called the first person who lended them advice a “clown” :skull:

I can’t tell if I’m scared for or envious of the other people they’ve played with; it sounds like an absolute hoot, though.


being something you “literally cant” do and something that’s a bad move are two different things

I have never had anyone ever suggest i stop tagging units and i can only imagine that you encountered someone who has successfully trolled you so hard that you made a thread about it, which has nothing to do with a particular mod but rather how much we need to be able to host our own games.

I’ve apparently hit 850+ hours, and seen a couple of Vets who obviously had the Tag on left click bound with the relevant tag keystone, and it was extremely distracting given the constant priority ping noise.

It makes the game a lot worse when all I hear in combat situations is that stupid ping, and I can’t separate a meaningless ping on a handled gunner getting finished off versus the trapper or burster we actually need to focus down. Or, you know, any of the other audio cues required to play well.

As someone else mentioned, yeah, technically this is not ideal and might be greatly reducing the value of the tag keystone, but that doesn’t mean some people aren’t out there doing it anyway, just like some Ogryns stand around just special blocking with Shield against hordes instead of killing the hordes, or some Vets just unload their rifles into simple poxwalker hordes and run entirely out of ammo for any higher value target, both things I saw people do in PUGs this week.

Only thing I’ve experienced worse was a person with a live mic and speakers, with constant feedback overriding all my normal audio because my voice chat is prioritized over game audio. At least THAT I could mute.


I’m very grateful that I’ve never personally experienced that.

Then again, watch me press “Reply” and get it really bad in my next match :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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Op you are a damn clown yourself.

Absolutely nothing suggests any connection between your teammates alleged complaint and any mod they were potentially using.

I remember you posting on this forum a few months ago for one simple reason:
You were the most toxic person and made up the dumbest stuff…
Iirc you posted the same stupid kind of anti mod propaganda back them.

Based on how toxic you have been in the past, and how most of your posts were quite obviously made up, i am gonna assume that the situation you described either didn‘t happen, or that you were (for multiple reasons) the most annoying player that anyone in that group had met in days.

Please just go away again. Your existence here is of no value to anyone.



The title and the post are… completely different subjects.

Not gonna lie I reported it because this doesn’t need to be here.

There’s no actual gameplay feedback, it’s someone complaining in an nonconstructive manner and everyone else who has at least half a braincell firing telling them they’re deluded.

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Clown… CLOWN!!!

Clown is such a funny word to see written out…



Yea what is Fatshark going to do? Sue the modder? Lol

“Being told what the healthbar mod does, by the guy who carries you in Damnation.”

Brought to you from the creator of the “How to fix ogryn, by the guy who carries you in Damnation” thread.

Good times.