Mod Suggestion - Disable tagging sound

First off, thx to all the people who are creating mods for the game. Really love the QoL mods people create for this game for instance. Makes the game more fun to play.

Basically I have problems with my eyes and I really need to tag alot, so I can properly kill enemies, who are major threats. One of my friends really dislikes the tagging sound and I basically spam it, so I can see enemies easier. Could a smart person create a mod, which disables the tag sound client side, so we don’t annoy each other. Him complaining and me annoying him with the sound. I would really love that. Thx alot!


First time I hear about people complaining about tag sound.
I usualy complain about people not tagging enough :joy:

Mute your friend! No mod needed for that :yum:

More seriously, if some people are bothered with that sound it should be a gameplay option not a mod.

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Eye problems or not, people should be tagging constantly, especially when they have WHC in their party. I’m just sayin’.

Somebody spammed it on something just to troll and since then, he can’t stand it anymore. Some people have certain quirks.

My friend just can’t stand the sound anymore, because somebody just spammed it to be annoying. Certain people have certain quirks. Would be great, if it would be an option.

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