Are mod request threads allowed?

I didn’t see anything about it in the “Mod Discussion Category” post. If so, I have a request for a small mod.

I would like to see a mod which removes the echo effects from the active ability hero lines - “FOR GRIMNIR”, “AHH MIGHTY DUO”, “LUMBERFOOTS”, etc. I don’t know if this is possible nor not, but if so it would be appreciated.

Sorry if this post is breaking any rules!


Mods are not ment to be a “thing” in this game so this would be pointless


Dunno what this graves person is on about, but I do think a mod request thread (or multiple ones!) fits in perfectly here. There’s a channel on the modder discord for requests, but I think the forum makes a lot more sense for that.

As to your specific request, there is a mod that removes many ultimate effects. Try searching the workshop for it!


name 1 time you have seen an open server In the modded realm ?..that place is more dry than a old crones snatch

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It’s still early days, there are few mods that people are even aware of much less that they’re all rushing to play, and as yet there’s no way to even see what mods a lobby is running. You can place the blame for (any/all of) that on FS’s feet if you’re so inclined.

Personally, I see the modded realm as exactly what it was advertised as: the wild west where anything goes and a test bed for new mods. If there’s a mod that you want to play with other people right now, you’re going to need to coordinate with other humans outside of browsing the lobby finder. If you don’t have any friends to play with, you can join one of the several Discords and set up a group there.

Once the sanctioning system is done, I have high hopes that exciting mods like Perfect Dark (shout out to SkacikPL!) will be brought over to the Official Realm so more people can enjoy them.


Found this mod, thanks! It really helps with the immersion. I don’t know how this went under my radar!

Modded Realm is great for what it is.

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+1 for Perfect Dark! Most fun I’ve had in awhile and it really demonstrates how powerful the sound design is in this game. Fighting enemies in the dark based on sound is wicked cool.

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Why not join the Fatshark Discord