Mods hype

Looking forward to mods greatly now, anticipating new information for an ETA on both mods and servers.

But in the meantime, anything you itch for? Like a instant replay button?
Myself I want a mod that removes cosmetic restrictions, since there’s so few of them already - but playing Saltz BH with WHC longcoat would be great. :>


mod to allow bots to carry grims so i can solo farm reds on righteous stand with full book runs instead of 1 grim on legend


I’d love to be able to vote pause in MP games, or just pause while playing solo/privately. :smiley: Sometimes you just gotta go to the bathroom, haha.

I kinda doubt it’ll happen. But really - I want my QoL mod! Classic health bars! Better bots! Damage numbers!


Oh yes, and tome priority over healing.

That too would be great!


I really cannot wait for a crosshair mod. I can’t aim with anything that isn’t a dot in any game, so the new crosshairs make me miss 24/7, with the side parts being so large compared to the dot and they move constantly. When you zoom with certain weapons it becomes so disorienting for me.


I’d be happy with auto-block on chat.
And something to better organise my inventory, maybe.


Did I miss any news? We were promised soon mod support or something?

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No information. :confused:

What’s the hype about then? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Bound to come at some point, innit. :>

…even though the delay is real.


I really want someone to mod Bardin’s Slayer skin and voicelines over Rat Ogres too. Stretched and distorted Bardin yelling ‘Grimnir!’ while pummeling you into the ground with his fists.

And Star Wars music + TIE fighter laser noises for Warp Gunners.

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Mod support has been announced to be coming out with the upcoming 1.1 content patch. And from what I’ve seen, it’s on track. Mods are essentially ready and working in 1.0.8, we’re just waiting for the workshop to be made live.

But is there any OFFICIAL announcements? Because this is just speculations.

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Yes, it was officially announced in the last newsletter. And I personally have several mods installed and working in 1.0.8.

Cool. :+1:

Mercenary with the glorious foot knight 'stache and armor.
No gore and no screenshake are probably my highest priority items though.

Oh man really? We are waiting and gathering all pieces of information about closest things and still does not know anything. Forget about mods for now.

WUT? Mods are coming in 1.1 guaranteed. Mods work now in 1.0.8, you just have to jump thru some hoops to enable them.

Fatshark has been explicit about 4 things related to 1.1: it’s coming soon (before the first DLC), it’ll include new cosmetics, it’ll include the new quests/achievements system (similar to the bounty board from VT1), and it’ll include mod support.


Even if they weren’t coming soon - so? It is enjoyable to talk about.


I’d love a random mission button for private games.

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