What things do you want mods of if/when mod tools are released?


A Helm’s Deep last stand map obviously.


I look forward for QoL mostly. Chat block, ping and talents/equipment information with tab menu.


Instant win with all tomes/grims.


On the serious note. I would like to see challenge (not diffuculty) mode of some kind:
For example Arena place from War Camp map, but only this little arena.
We facing bosses in endless mode, one boss at time, but you don’t have heals potions ect.
Face them and die when you will be ready. Reward? Green reagents for crafting :slight_smile:


All characters can use all weapons mode.


I honestly just want community-made maps.


Iam a simple guy i want big Choppas and big greenskins in my games.


Replace all of the Bridge of Shadow portals with Olesya’s cart.


Stuff to test out weapons/equipment/strats/etc:

  • Unit spawner

  • Health numbers/bars

  • Damage numbers/bars

  • Health/Ammo cheats

Just having a little arena to experiment with all the gadgets and toys, yes-yes!

Quality of life:

  • Bot AI improvement

  • Bots picking up tomes/grims and holding them(not dropping for health and leaving tomes)


A hud mod would be great, find the existing one where poor and feels pretty old. if someone could come up with something new and fresh with Health stats,ult stats, and just make it look better allround

Semi-decent tooltips.

Inventory window with “hits to kill Y” including items with “+X% power vs Y” for the given difficulty. Also the effective power needed for the next breakpoint to answer the question, “I have 600 HeroPower, will a +10% vs Skaven bring clan rats to one hit?”.

even better bots? do you want that bots carry you thrugh the game? :smiley:

New skins of all enemies! I grow tired of grinding up the same Skaven and Chaos meat in my blender, i need some variety in the things i kill!

Also, i would love to see a game mode where players can pick up dead specials/elites gear and use it. I have always wished that i could pick up a ratling gunner’s minigun and use for like 30-60 seconds before it explodes. or finally grab a hookrats hook and use this strangely overpowered weapon against them for a change!

Pink armor for Chaos Warriors!

Possibly add some friendly NPC soldiers to fight w/ us, and lead to defend chokepoints/gates? Have a counter for # of enemies left (They would need 10’s of thousands to breach our fortress!)

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Different weapon skins and cosmetics made by the community.

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I’d like a good map editor !

I remember, back in the days, after a raid night (mostly) in World of Warcraft Vanilla, we used to switch to War3 with 8~12 players in the guild. We played mostly DotA, and a few Tower Defense. Still, any Custom map “game mode” could do it, as long as it was fun.

I have no idea how Fatshark can set up said map editor, if they even can release one. But if ever… Vermintide is an awesome “base” to build custom maps on. Such game persists in memories, and help bring new game types.

It’s been too long a game gave its players a proper map editor !

Holy crap that would be pretty cool.

Makes me wonder if you even play the game. Bots currently:

  • Drop tomes for health arbitrarily

  • Won’t pick up grims

  • Sometimes they roam off really far from the player(s)

  • They bug out on pathing occasionally

  • They’ll try to make awkward jumps and consequently fall off ledges

  • They will sometimes heavily delay picking up downed players to fight a few enemies

  • They sometimes ignore downed players and won’t revive them

  • The bots won’t use charged attacks. This greatly hinders them depending on what weapon(s) they are using and also makes certain talents useless on them.

  • They arbitrarily use their active abilities. Such as Unchained/Ironbreaker using their actives on single clan rats.

  • They deal with disabled allies poorly half the time.

All of that among other things.
It’s amusing though, because they do some things exceptionally better than most players. Such as kiting/fighting bosses and sometimes they are on specials like clockwork.

A naughty mod. Hey, the Seinna is pretty hot (Pun totally intended). Hey now! I know I am not the only pervert here!

In seriousness, I would say something that helps organize inventory for crafting. For example, being able to mark certain weapons and items as “Favorite” so that they do not appear in the 1st crafting menu tab for disenchantment.

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