How about an arena mod?

In VT1 there was last stand.It was ok,but it usually came down to standing in one area with 2 people blocking/pushing and 2 shooting,swinging. It had swarms come in waves and occasional specials. Rats were getting stronger the more waves you killed. Like I said,it was alright, but combat was pretty boring and you had to do a 40 minute stand to get to a point where the waves started to be interesting.

Now,I propose an arena mode(most likely a mod when modding support is out) - set number of enemies, depending on difficulty, with a steady flow of specials. Maybe a boss spawn + specials when you clear the initial enemies.

something like:

150 trash, 6 chaos warriors,10 stormvermin,5 shield stormvermin,15 marauders,6 berserkers - for champion,

200 trash, 12 chaos warriors, 18 stormvermin, 10 shield stormvermin,30 marauders, 12 berserkers for legend.

all in a BIG(twice as big as righteous stand elevator arena) arena with obstacles etc. with supplies scattered in random places.

This topic was bring up so many times on this forum.
Some of us would love to see it, but last stand in v1 wasn’t popular and died pretty quick.
But who knows maybe sometime in future.

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