Where's the last stand?

In the first game there was a last stand but so far there isn’t one for Vermintide 2!
where is the last stand? and when will it arrive?

I think it should be a FREE last stand update so every one can injoy the endless attacks from chaos and skaven. and I have 3 possible places= The first place could be the Gatehouse Ward area on Righteous Stand (It’s were you use the canon) just add some ladders and stairs so it gets easier to move around. The 2nd place could be the Orchard area from Against the Grain (were the barn with the boss is) and have the barn open so we can be inside and outside the barn. The 3rd place could be somewhere in Ussingen from Empire in Flames (It’s hard to find an exact location) I just think fighting a endlss hord in a burning town sounds and would be AWESOME!

Pls tell me what location or place would be great for a last stand.


i think there was a discussion about it before somewhere else: they didn’t include or plan for any ‘last stand’ mode because it had very poor reception in vt1.

i don’t have a source tho, just an impression. i like the idea of a last stand, but i think the way they implemented it was bad - basically there was no end(i think), you’ll wipe eventually. which means that players don’t get that game success feedback loop going, it’s always a loss. i reckon if it were more like mass effect with set amount of waves, it would be better.

I get what you are saying but it’s called endless horde for a reason, but if they did it like after a few waves you could choose between continue fighting or retreating, that would be nice.

This would actually be a good idea loot wise: Pocket your spoils or continue for potential for better loot. Could easily be done via loot dice. You get guaranteed loot dice after certain waves and random sack-rats during waves.


Really? I liked that mode a lot and would be sad to not see it happen.


Yes, they should add last stand to v2




I really loved the old last stand and am patiently awaiting a new version of it. Imagine a wave so far along where all the bosses spawn at once, neat eh? So what if death is inevitable.

I agree. There needs to be a last stand. I miss it from the first one, and I thought it was in the 2nd one which was why I initially excited to play v2, but was sad to not see it.

I liked the mod as well, but one of the problems was that the real last stand (4 ogres at the same time and such) would only happen after a long, possibly tedious time. Having a fixed number of waves as suggested may be nice, as it would be having the option to play the supercrazy last stand from the beginning, say: play the first 13 waves, play the second 13 waves or play the supercrazy, 4 bosses at the same time last waves.

As for the setting, with VT1 maps in mind, I always felt that huge plaza in the cursed rune (the one with the 1st grim) would be the perfect 3rd LS map.

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Let me add: one of the less likable aspect was the very sparse supplies, which basically forced players to die on purpose to respawn with some health/ammo, which was both necessary and cheesy. Have it drop as much supplies as a regular game, remove some of the more tiresome waves, it may get to be a very popular option

The Last Stand would need a serious rework if it was to be actually played.

The reward ratio to time dedicated was not worth it, too much waiting in between waves and it honestly just got stale. A rework would need events, repairing barricades or moving blackpowder to prepare for another assault, or protecting Olesya (ideally the last stand is set in the keep) as she does some magic shenanigans.

These are just ideas obviously, but they would make the last stand a lot more appealing.

Maybe even dice could be rewarded for completing certain things, offering up a more sizeable reward. Once you hit emperor vault/chest, whatever the difficulty may be, you start on a new one.

It is unlikely that the last stant could hit the reward to time ratio of a normal run, but maybe having some cosmetics as rewards could change things. LS okri challenges sound fun

It would be epic to have last stand, with limited hordes, and better rewards.

Never liked last stand. It got boring very fast.

If you played it a lot it does get boring after a while, but I still found it as a fun alternative to just running story missions all the time. Plus it was nice to get tokens to farm so you could re roll stats quicker than just running a story mission and getting one piece of gear. To me it was one of the selling points in having a sequel to the game. I for one don’t like that campaign missions are the only thing to do in a game. I like having different game modes so that one thing doesn’t become boring to me after a while.

In a way it did. But in an other it was quite the opposite. Have you ever made it past wave 17 on heroic? Bloody exhilarating. Of course it’s very subjective, but I’ll never forget the one time I climbed the statue (gas rat separated me from my team) and I see 4 rat ogres charging at my mates. We even survived that. I regret not taking a screenshot there to this day. :slight_smile:
Having to survive until there is quite boring though (and not too easy) so I just run stormvermin mutation when I want to have that kind of crazy fun