Make Last Stand Great Again

I can’t make mods,but I sure do have an idea for one- in VT1 last stand was…lacking. Kill horde,get supplies,go back to choke point-repeat-kill ogre-kill two ogres-all with the same tactics and scenarios all over again.

Now,my dear skilled,mysterious modder, my idea is this: verminFLOOD.

Standard maps, the only objective - to get as far as you can or to the end if Sigmar wills it.
How would it work - horde spawns one after another. When one is killed- another spawns, when one is not killed within x time, another spawns on top of it. Add gradually harder and more numerous special/elite/boss spawns every x seconds/minutes/minutes - for example :start with 1 special every 10 seconds,after a minute change to 2 special spawns per 15 seconds,3 special sp per 20 seconds after another two minutes and so on. Similarly with elites and bosses, but all of this should be talked over and tested a bit of course(and I’m willing to fully cooperate and participate in that)

Regular hordes would spawn one after another,with randomized intervals after the horn is blown- ranging from 10 to 30 seconds, over time hordes would spawn more rapidly and on top of each other, but if the players can thin them out enough in a set amount of time then they’d be rewarded with a really brief respite and a chance to scavenge and relocate(preventing special/boss/elite spawn during the breather would be nice as well,but I’m not sure it’s doable)

additionally, prevent speed and concentration potions from spawning to prevent speeddashing with HM and other dashing (and smashing !)classes. Put a cap on movement speed at 10% and set max % for every player regardless of class/hero, so builds wouldn’t force you to take ms items/traits. Prevent respawning and maybe(but not necessarily) death when downed. To compensate, fill every possible item spawn point with all slots filled by items.

Scores calculated with medium % of the map completed, derived from all players(so one death early on could have a great impact on the final score if you reached far/to the end) plus points for every enemy slain(different points based on enemy class/type) and special bonuses for reaching the portal,surviving with 4,grabbing tomes/grims.

Biggest problem would be the events - they’d have to be completely changed,so the way would be open already or would open after x amount of time - I just don’t see lighting the cart on Empire in flames while there’s 200 trash mobs around you + eight CW,three trolls, five blightstormers and 7 globadiers. Fighting Bumblebee Humptydumpt would also be impossible.

The concept is to pressure players to progress as fast as they can while culling the horde(but not a tide,a tsunami.) and making people fight in non-standard places(right now most of long time players can predict horde spawns, know the boss trigger areas etc.).
Another goal for this would be to make the game stop using ridiculous amounts of time-consuming elites and specials as a crutch for the underwhelming hordes.

I understand that the probability of someone making a mod like that is close to or literally none, but hey,at least I vented.

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Spawn tweaks can give you the kind of perma horde less/no elites that you want as well as the open boss doors.
Add me if you want to try it out

I’ll hit you up and check it out as soon as I’m back from my trip. Thanks!

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