Additional Game Mode Ideas

I think Vermintide 2 should introduce some more variety in the game play. I have 2 game mode ideas that I think would be a great addition.

First is an arena style PvP mode. Have an arena (like what you have in Righteous Stand) and have 2 teams of 4 players fight to the death. And to spice it up you should also have hordes and specials constantly spawning during the fight.

Second is to have an infinite horde mode. Instead of running through a map, have some sort of building or castle to defend and spawn increasingly more difficult waves of vermin.

Just throwing it out there.

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I’d love to see the infinite horde style as well. They had that in the first game, Last Stand I think it was called. It was great because you would get a lot of crafting materials for rewards, more and more depending on how many waves you could survive.

Siege of Thorn keep…

Endless mode (each wave of enemy comes stronger), in the end you get loot based on how much waves you surivied.


arena mode for massive green dust collection. work for it! i like the idea.

last stand mode was interesting in game one, but they somewhat killed it with unexciting rewards. Would love to see this game mode (maybe in a way of dlc map, where most of the level will be in the form of survivng on arena), but maybe not endless, but with 15-20 waves and some possibility for cool loot at the end.

I think a last stand mode is a great idea, but it wasn’t executed that well in game 1. People turtled in a corner, sniping specials as soon as they spawned, and the waves came very slowly.

A new Last Stand mode should be faster paced, with ways to prevent turtling; what if you had mini-objectives, like move an object from one place to another, or hold an area for a particular wave (all still within a limited time). My inspiration here is Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, which was a lot of fun and had interesting objectives like this to spice things up.

Waves should also come faster, and be more randomized. On top of that - no pickups at all. Give players a draught/bomb to start with if you must, but never drop anything. No ammo, no health, nothing else. It would mean that the matches wouldn’t drag on and on, but be maybe ten minute affairs - fast and furious. There’s no reason to draw it out.

I dunno if I’d want a real organized PvP mode, but I think having a room where two players can have a duel would be fun. I don’t know how on earth it’d be balanced (maybe you can choose whether nor not to allow ranged weapons). But it’d be interesting to kill some time when you’re in a group and someone is re-rolling or something.

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