New Game Modes to make use of rewards from Vaults/Chests

A problem with Chaos Wastes is the rewards are only cosmetic or only applicable to Campaign mode missions. It seems like there’s no development or progress that carries over from one expedition to the next. The most you can do is save 200 pilgrims’ coins. Likewise, this is a problem with the game in general. Each game mode is a game unto itself more or less. The rewards from the Weave, stay in the Weave (and for various reasons, that game mode is essentially broken and not fun.), the Vaults you get from Chaos Wastes, are for use in campaign mode.

Here’s an idea, why not implement some simple game modes that use weapons earned from chests and vaults?

  • You could have checkpoint capture and defend from enemies in more free-roaming map areas. Go from objective to objective, and defend the empire against the neverending invasions!

  • Arena survival game mode where the team sees how many waves they can survive in an endless onslaught.

  • Often it’s fun to try rushing through missions. Why not have some timed missions? Here’s my idea, capture artifacts, and relics within the time limit. Each artifact or relic uses up an item slot limiting the availability of potions. 4 artifacts, 4 relics, 1 of each for each party member. The timer resets upon the capture of each artifact/relic and then you have 1-2 minutes to capture the next. Artifacts may grant buffs to the party, and relics buffs to the one who wields them.

  • Some like competitive-style missions (not suggesting PvP, that wouldn’t work). You could have random objective-based competitive missions where players compete for rewards. Each objective could be geared towards the strengths of certain weapons and classes, such as stagger, headshots, ranged kills, pushing, blocking, monster damage, etc. Each action grants a higher score depending on the objective.

  • Another idea I had is Tzentch’s weapon swap. Attempt to complete a mission where players in the team may randomly be equipped with another’s loadout. Players randomly exchange their weapons. e.g. Kruber Foot Knight could get Shade’s daggers, and Shade could get Kruber’s Hammer, or Bardin with Sienna’s Bolt Staff, and Sienna with Bardin’s Pistol.

  • I was inspired by Grudge Marks and Boons from Chaos Wastes. I was thinking, it would be interesting if there was a mode for campaign missions with curses, a handful of boons bestowed upon players, and some Grudge-marked monsters.

I realize it’s probably a lot of work to create new assets and design new levels for game modes. I could envision some if not all of these special game modes like these even taking place within the existing Campaign missions or at least using the same assets from the base game so as not to be too burdensome to implement.

Tell me what you think about these ideas. There may be a number of problems with them I don’t know, but I feel like Vermintide 2 is getting stale and I’m having a difficult time finding players since Geheinishnatct and the Steam Sale.

This is the one I think could be most feasible, since the first game already has this.
If they added some of the fun from chaos wastes, like random curse every few waves and the boons as a reward for passing through that, I would see myself playing it.

This is another one I would be more than willing to play. As someone who was sceptical about chaos wastes longetivy when it released, it’s almost the only thing I play now. I enjoy the randomness of the power and difficulty spikes with various grudges and boons and would like some of it in the original maps (probably as an different mode though).

I am not sure the loadout swap could be a thing, since mage staff on Bardin doesn’t make any sense for example. Plus there might be problem with skeletons, animations and size of the weapons if wielded by other characters.

I am also not really interested in a coop-competitive mode and would rather wait for the versus, though that is my personal preference.

The free roam map concept seems interesting but probably needs some flashing out, as it stands it’s kinda bare bones and I am not sure what to imagine the map actually being.

At the end of the day this number of modes might be a problem for the game if it splits the community too much though and is something to consider as well.

The arena type of game mode is already in the game, its the back to ubersreik extra map, its not very good (in comparason to the progressive game modes that is).

The thing about that is that it gets tiresome, so not a lot of people play it, its also one of the reasons i left killing floor 2 (that features ONLY arena type of maps), i would play that game a lot while watching documentaries and or listening to something but if i was left with only the game itself, it would provoke a feeling of sleepiness like never before, thing that doesn’t happen on vermintide2 where i must pay attention otherwise its guaranteed to fail the mission, its also why i loved Chaos Wastes, because even if you become extremely OP, you still might die if you stop paying attention, its not a brainless game even when it pretends to be one at points.

I do not think they should venture into open worldness because its expensive as frick and much like destiny 2 open world sections, it could become boring quite fast.

Chaos wastes is very very good but so are the campaigns, all they need is to built on top of those so the playerbase don’t get split, more enemies, more buffs and more variants in path, more weapons (yes).

But i liked your idea of having something other than coins to take home, in that regard it could be one of the upgrades but not to become too mandatory, make it limited to the next cw run or next campaign mission and once its over its gone.

I think you misunderstand what I’m proposing almost entirely.

For the arena mode, it would be endless defending against wave after wave. Every 5 waves or so, you get a monster or a boss from the game, and afterwards, you get potions. You could have curses similar to chaos wastes pop up every few waves. You could have themed arenas, as you progress you move on to a new stage. The Fortunes of War mission is more of an isolated challenge that doesn’t seem to be accessible through public lobbies, and it doesn’t continuously progress. I’m imagining an arena mode where you can get progress up to something like 100 rounds before it starts to become s samey.

As for the open missions, I was not suggesting an open world; that would be an entirely separate game. No, I’m suggesting individual missions with a handful of points you can capture and defend. The missions would have an open play area where you can choose which points to capture and defend, but it would be smaller than your average campaign mission; just a small open area where you can choose an objective. I was thinking nothing to deep into the world of Warhammer; just some local areas in the vicinity of Helmgart and Ubersreik, farms, villages, minor defenses, and bastions.

The idea I think I would most want is the artifact/relic hunt game mode. Have 4 artifacts, and 4 relics the team works to find. Each takes up a potion slot. These items would be placed throughout a normal campaign mission. As you find them, the difficulty increases (perhaps throw in some curse effects from Chaos Wastes). Each artifact found offers the entire party some benefit, and each relic, some major boon to the individual carrying it. I was thinking this might be a fun timed game mode, but I’m not sure the game is conducive to timers, so I don’t think I’d want that because players will get left behind. Instead, I think the goal should be to see how many the crew can make it through with for a greater risk/reward scenario. How’s that sound?

Not only i got it, i also compared it to killing floor 2 wich also has that mode in it, 5 waves then a boss, its called endless and its better than sleeping pills.

I played killing floor 2, that’s sorta what I want. We don’t have that. If that was all Vermintide 2 offered, it wouldn’t be fun, but as an added gamemode, I think it would be fun. I also think Vermintide 2 has a much more enjoyable melee factor.

As others have stated before. This is pretty much what has been implemented in Vermintide 1 - The Last Stand Mode:

Despite the communities pleas before how much they wanted something like this, the mode never reached any sense of popularity (although there were small groups of worshippers). Some blamed the implementation but for many people it was kinda frustrating that you never reach an end. This coupled with the issue that good teams needed to replay the first 26 more boring waves until they reached the “interesting” part just added on top. Another nail into the coffin for this is Vermintides tendency to disconnect in the most unsauitable moments. I don’t think there is much thirst for an endless mode.

Generally, for more modes you will have people telling you again and again that it will split the community further.

If Fatshark wants to add more different playing experiences their best chances lie within recycling and updating already existing frameworks each with their specific theme:

  • Deeds: Mutators for harder but more “realistic” and grounded gameplay like more enemies, harder hitting, faster, etc.
  • Weekly Events: Mutators for less “realistic” and more experimental gameplay like splitting enemies, playing with more than 4 characters, having the whole team consist of only one character, having everyone wield an axe, Hammertime etc.
  • Twitch: Remaining the inconsistent mess it currently is
  • Weaves: A mixture out of challenge and exploration

I am not sure why Fatshark for example doesn’t use the Weekly Event to test out stuff from hack weeks. I can’t imagine that not some weird prototype gameplay ideas are developed there

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I’ll admit the problem of splitting up an already small community is a problem, but I suppose I’m just wanting more to play with my small group of friends.

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