About Chaos Waste new content

-If you complete them you can play multiple short levels in a row and it gives specific rewards for that

-in those levels, the way you can find temporary weapons you can use and switch around and also upgrade during these runs

Sounds like perfectly seperated game mode like weave.
I think you need pre-made party to play this.
But feedbacks on weave are almost negative nowadays.
And also, sounds like rogue-like mode. You always have to start from first maybe regarding temporary.

For me, seperated game mode is ok. Give us totally different experience. But rogue-like is not ok. Takes time too much. Not fun during early stages. Also, reward problem can occur. Portrait is not that bad though, we have had enough frames. If there is frame again, maybe someone would choose between weave and chaos waste. Not both I think. Cosmetics other than frame would be cool. I personally want higher grade gear though, can’t expect that on this game.

How do you think about Chaos Waste? Are you fine if it is separated game mode?

Interesting, but where did you get this information? Was there some interview somewhere or something? Or is it just rumors again?

Of course a separate game mode is completely fine. There is not much point in rewards. The mode itself should be interesting than it can work even without reward.

But seriously, where do you have this information from? I am usually informed about most articles, posts, interviews but I have not seen this yet.

Also, maybe you should play it before you do some (pre-emptive) judgement. Seems a bit silly to criticize something you haven’t experienced yet.

Fatshark said this on their stream.
This is article.

Well… I think somebody wouldn’t want separated game mode regarding that weave is dead content. I also want weave is more open to everyone. Too small player base to make separated game mode. Mutator itself isn’t that fun. Actually, feels like just penalty. Objectives and certain trigger makes weave more appealing to me. You need specific strategy.

If chaos waste is separated game mode, I want that at least they won’t force us to play as exact 4 from start to end.

I’m definitely not ok with a new game mode, especially considering how that was handled in Winds of Magic.
I’m against them because I like the base game experience, new game modes are removed from that, and fatshark’s focus seems to always be to add new grind to the game.

I might change my mind, but I sincerely doubt I will. Considering how much effort and tuning - which FS doesn’t seem intent on doing, considering their track record - a new mode would require, I’m amazed they keep trying. Unless you as a developer are prepared to dedicate as much time balancing the new game mode as the base game you shouldn’t really try. We have the weaves, which have the potential to be fun, but are definitely not in their current implementation, almost nobody plays them as they are, but the system isn’t going to change.

Is the new game mode going to be locked content? If so it’s gonna have the same problem the weave face - matchmaking.

How much is chaos waste gonna cost us? That’s what I would like to know, because we haven’t seen any new map content since drachenfels, and if this is going to be as expensive as WoM, it’s going to be pretty hard to justify more expensive content (expansions and priced careers, cosmetic upgrades) as a way to pay for free new content.



Weaves of Magic 2.0

God help us all.


Thanks for the source. Went completely over my head and it is even two months old.

However, before people go to deep into Doomsday mode wait for the result. If it is a separate mode it might be less grind and more fun. I mean Jiyakelma mentioned Rogue-like before. If this would be true there would be literally no grind involved. You would just play for fun, as it should be.

No entry level issues because everyone starts at the same level anyway. No end game level issues as there is no loot and power progression and the only thing hampering you is skill. Sounds good to me. Remaining issue would be if there are new maps to play or not and what else would be offered.


Well the real issue won’t be another mode, it will be that we will never have weaves 2.0 if they start supporting another mode. I guess. Even if I tried to provide some possibles changes before the dreamed complete rework.

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I think the interest is there, the same as for some basic stuff reworks or adding to existing DLCs. However, you have to showcase the economic benefit of changes.

Because even if the developers like the suggestions and ideas, the higher ups need to give their okay too. And they don’t say no because they don’t care for us but because they have to make sure they can still employ their people in a few years from now.

I’m actually not a big fan of weapon master. Rogue-like mean you can get any weapon and you have to use it until you find what you want. Let’s say i like crowbill. But if i can’t get that, I have to use 1h sword for like 30 min. I hate this. I don’t want to use what i don’t like. You also have to practice all weapons.

You may have to get talent too. Volcanic force(50% fully charged dmg) with beam staff? Oh, Jesus.
Proper RNG is good. But RNG related to fundamental gameplay… I don’t like it.

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I keep getting timed out on connection. :frowning: when I click link.

Huh, I totally missed that. Good call. Wonder why this wasn’t talked about much more.

A roguelike gamemode for Vermintide, hmmm… I must admit I hadn’t expected a new game mode after the… mixed… reception of Weaves, but I think a roguelike gamemode could actually fit well for a game like this… I’m very curious what it will end up like. At least willing to give it a fair chance, at the least!

I thought I had heard this, but then I couldn’t remember where.

I feel like the devs themselves just really want to do something new, and are just giving Weaves another attempt. I wish they’d stop sinking resources into new game modes when I think most of the community wants more additions to the core gameplay loop. I would be happy with years worth of new maps exploring new places in the massive Warhammer world, new weapons (and if they’re short of ideas, ask the community), new enemies, et cetera.

I do hope I’m wrong, but given that Weaves turned out exactly as I expected them to, I feel there is good reason to be skeptical. I had a bad feeling when I just heard the name, tbh, and nothing I’ve seen so far has changed that. We’ve had a lot of maps of crude hovels and disgusting nurgle-ridden areas. It’s cool and all, but I feel like that’s all Chaos Wastes is going to be. It feels like game 1 gave us far more map variety in DLCs and it was great.


I’m not sure about another game mode either tbh, but then again I play twitch all the time and that’s another game mode so I guess I’ll wait and see.

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They could make new game mode related to weave other than wasting resource. Consecutice weave maps with rogue-like mode with new season.

However, I don’t know what much can be added to core game play. We can hope new weapon, level, map, talent, enemy. But that’s all and that was done even with WOM. Maybe they don’t know what to add so just make new game mode?

I don’t that like modded realm though, idea of onslaught is cool. Harsh event triggers as higher difficulty. Idea of objective on weave is also good. They can add non-combat objectives on each map. Of course, all for as higher difficulty. Normal QP should be intact.

There can be other new things. New traits, new item grade, new career skill. Anything would be fun.

There is more info, though you have to draw your own conclusions, in the decomp VT2 GitHub project under the name “deus”

The real issue is if the enemy spawns are fixed or random.

No one plays FoW anymore.

Weaves will be a ghost town in a week.

Please… please… let their be random enemy spawns!

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I actually like scripted spawn. I don’t like FOW because respawn is resticted. That’s all.
Random spawn usually means spawn by the time. Scripted spawn prevent you to run so you will feel it is more difficult.

Onslaught even is also scripted spawn. It is challenging. I found most of scripted spawn require strategy and make me fun.

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Maybe they are going to do a separate game mode and new mechanic even though there is a risk for the fun of vermintide (and risk also means more chance to be more fun, but also more chance to be less fun) because… they could be trying game style for darktide.
Which would mean the game wouldn’t be 100% meant for vermintide fun, but also that they have way more ppl and resources on it, so a potential better quality than weaves.

This. Especially if we consider how much there is still to be improved/tuned (example: deeds) in the base game.

At least I hope new mode’s challenges don’t “break” 100% Okry Summary completism… even if I already know how it will go…

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