New types of game modes for vermintide 2 does anyone have any ideas? UwU

you know, i usually play true solo only, plus vermintide 2 really shines in coop game modes, chaos wastes for example, and even more so with twich modes, plus it has some problems like for example, now with the new bosses modified I feel it’s almost mandatory for you to go with a dlc character or a strong goal like pyromancer, I know there will be people saying that all classes are viable and it depends on teamwork but let’s be realistic, most of the time for me at least bots are much more useful than normal players, which i mean to say that from a highly logical point of view, there are classes that only serve the vanila de vermintide game mode, you know? the history mode so to speak where we fight against raskinitt (best villain ever) and rootbloods, such as the unchained class from fuego nasus (SUS), this class is not suitable for chaos wastes, you know what I mean? It’s much easier to catch grail or sister than to finish with hunter or slayer… now based on that what other game modes that are really viable for all classes would you have in mind ?? like the story mode has already passed its time, especially because they don’t launch more beautiful maps like in vermintide 1 in the dwarfs fortress for example, which new mode would you like ?? a and i loved the castle boss cinematic drakenfeels bad man uwu looked like a dark souls boss UwU

I would like Chaos Wastes +
More maps more enemies, weapons now break (become grey) and enemies drop weapons, and maps are not a reshuffle of existing assets but brand new productions for that specific mode. (they have to retire that hanged man, hes everywhere.) but thats probably never happening, this game is reaching the end of its lifeline.

Wait, you play this solo? why?

i have no friends UwU

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