What way do you want for vermintide 2?

What do you want for the futur of vermintide 2 ?

Personaly i found the way of boss (or lord) really interesting. It remind me about boss in MMORPG. And in this way, i found shade (and other character who kill very fast lord in general) not fun. I really dream about some map with only a huge boss with several step.
And more character with more option.

I think fatshark can create a “new” type of game. Like an instencial MMORPG, with story. They have a whole world to explore.

What do you think ?

i love the way it is now (minus the bugs) the combat system in the game is the major selling point for me - all damage can be avoided through good play.

i really like the random boss encounters, adding 3 more random boss types through the level is really awesome. the named level bosses are also well scripted and designed imo, i want more of that stuff =)

your idea about a level where a boss harrasses you every step of the way sounds fun honestly, if done right could be a fantastic experience.

i don’t know about an mmo, that’s a whole different type of game.

I’d like new maps with some epic events. Like the ship battle or castle drachenfells escape from vmt1.
This game has a few but only the boss battles can feel as intimidating.

I think every character could chunk the Boss down pretty fast. But i agree that we need a Boss overhall. Because the boss fights are atm pretty flat and the same. They shoudl add more Character to the boss.

maybe for Bödvarr, calling catapult shots while to trying to get to him, or something.

I quote myself here real quick, because it sums up my thoughts on the boss Fights how they atm are.

AND New Maps, maybe bigger with more stuff to do or different ways to go … and of course more skins :smiley: But i think we get more Weapon/Career skins with time, the game is still pretty young ^^

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The MMO means nothing today, (LoL, CS, fortnite are all MMO). I was just thinking of more customization and more option between the career.

And an example of huge boss could be a verminlord ^^ !

Maybe but shade is the best example. And i found that down 20% of a boss’s life every 10 sec is not fun, (it don’t give the feeling of boss).

And Skarrik is not a Eshin boss. If you want one, it will more like Snikch. It can be an intersting boss to do, it can be like a runner but with more step come from the dark, spawn of nowhere, hit and disappear a second latter. And no swarm during this boss, he do the job alone. But it will be hard to balance.

Skarrik is just a classic of the warrior clan, which is almost containing all the clan (except the 4 big). Like Queek master of the Mors clan ( one of the biggest clan after the 4 first).

Thats why i wasnt sure :stuck_out_tongue: I assumed he is either a Eshin or Black fur Warrior :smiley:

Ok ^^. If you want more precision, every clan have classical warrior chief like Skarrik, but the 4 clan get some specialization in more and we see almost only this(better for communication both in game and for selling).

But no clan can keep being without flesh to sacrifice. (Maybe eshin is an exception, if a true skaven master could told me that would be nice ^^). Or they simply have minor clan in their possession.

hrm are you playing on legend? shade ability backstabs don’t do as much to armoured targets as they do on unarmoured ones. you can’t take off 20% hp off a chaos warrior lord boss with 1 ability strike in my experience

I barely begin to play in legend. And i know that the game have different balance with the different difficulty.
But i still don’t like the concept of shade^^ (made this way).

Little question like you seem’s to play in legend^^ : how do you handle stormvermin patrol + wave in legend ?
We wipe on it 2 or 3 times and it was like no solution problem.

stormvermin patrols are relatively easier compared to chaos pats.

  1. have a bomb ready. start the attack with a thrown explosive bomb, aim for the shield guys if they are not alerted, but if they are alerted, aim for the regular stormvermin. if you have an incendiary, i will wait till they are gathered in an area before throwing it at their feet (incendiary really good for taking out shieldvermin especially)

  2. with the shade, find a good angle when they are charging, and SPAM that crossbow. you’ll take down 3-4 with a good burst, reload, and do it again.

  3. purple pot for shade. activate and wait for bar to fill up, heavy strike 2 of them down, instantly activate after killing, wait for bar to fill, do it again. (this is why i prefer SnD, glaive can’t multikill like this)

if you’re not talking about shade, there are many many options to take down a SV pack. the flamethrower ALONE can hold them indefinitely in a small corridor just by spamming light attacks, they just get staggered infinitely. unchained sienna can hold them for a long time switching btw conflag+high overcharge blocking. BH can spam them dead with volley xbow.

u can try out a bombardin build too, equip everyone with awesome bombs =)

Dear FatShark,

  1. A Verminlord would indeed be fun.
  2. Hell Pit Abomination.
  3. Mutalith Vortex Beast, maybe?