Last stand mode

Before i begin, many subject have been already made on this, but always with different theme (what would you… How many… etc etc) So i want to have a really focused topic for this:
In the first Vermintide a Endless mode was added sometime after the release, it consisted of a wave after wave proving ground that never ended and became harder and harder. It was on a nice place with a heroic statue and the mode itself was fun. And for Vermintide 2 it could be a great addition too because the release trailer: at the end we see our 5 heroes standing their back facing the Skittergate with an endless horde of enemies. The shot itself is amazing and probably designed for marketing purpose, but i just cant shake it off my head:

This should be the endless mode of V2

Have a nice, bloody, day!


Wrong place, for mod requests.

not a “Mod” but i see what you are saying

whoop, hehe, I read that wrong. You said mode, not mod. Sorry.

No by game mode i do not mean a modding thing, i mean a in game well… game mode but again i do understand why feedback is not the right place to put that i’ll switch it later. [even tho you could consider it a feedback on what i liked of the first i would like on the 2]

Minus the grinding I had to do for “Tenacious” I honestly enjoyed the last stand stuff quite a bit, from what I understand however the for sale version had fairly poor numbers compared to other DLCs which means its not super likely they will add in this game type soon. What was even sadder is that the paid DLC map was drastically better than the free one and many people didn’t get to enjoy it.


I agree. The good thing with fatshark’s dlc’s is that if someone in you group have them you can play to it without buying it, the bad thing is that its 2 maps by 2 maps (which is not that much ^^) and more funny things like new mods come for free, but seems to be not as much enjoyed by people [i remember waiting literally 10 minutes to find a group to play with in last stand]
But i would still enjoy a lot this endless mode for my part.

Can’t they just add endless hordes to the Keep? Would be fun, something you have to trigger and the party all agrees. I would actually enjoy a castle defense of the keep lol.