Defense mode

Please don’t waste these maps. Theres so much possibility to it apart from repathing them and calling them new missions. Look at this sector of the map. Perfect for a defense mode. I find it hard to believe that the person who was making this part of the map didn’t atleast cross his mind that it could be use a for mode like that. Team of 6 players.

But according to hedge this isnt COD so we probably wont get that mode added in game.

Vermintide had a horde mode/defense mode, so I htink it wouldn’t be outta the question.

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I hope Fatshark will rub their collective two braincells together and step out of the paved road of mediocrity into a whole new world of amazing opportunities.

Different gamemodes, varying playercounts, interesting objectives, fun mechanics just for the heck of it.

With the solid core gameplay they could let their imaginations run wild but they’ve reverted to what they know, which is VT1 linear maps.
Go from A to B and C. Kill some dudes in the meantime.

Scanning, decrypting and demon infestation removal are neat gimmicks, but repeated way too often.

This game really, REALLY needed to launch with a solid Last Stand Mode as well as something akin to the chaos wastes. Both were added late in VT2’s lifecycycle. One would think it a no-brainer to see the benefits they brought to the last game and plan it into the next one.

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A horde style mode seems like an obvious addition.

Do a infinite wave and a 10-12 wave limited one and throw in level modifiers as wave modifiers.

Have the game spawn in resources every few waves (Med/ammo boxes and charges for the autodoc) and maybe even have wave objectives (Copied from regular mission objecties) for additional resources.

Could even do neat things like spawn in ammo boxes for turrets, to soften up enemy spawns from certain directions or batteries for force fields to entirely lock off certain approaches.

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