Last Stand Mode?

Hey there, no idea if this is the place for this but might as well be.

Is Last Stand mode being added in any future dlc? because the deed system is somewhat dead in the matchmaking sphere (unless you have some buddies with the game), and the repetition needs a bit of a break up.

What sort of modes are being added to the game? After 30 plus hours of the same ‘campaign’ I am a bit more interested in skirmish style modes, or versus. Not alone on this, what is planned?

Wondered why it’s not in on launch as well and apparently Last Stand wasn’t played a lot and therefore ditched and won’t come back, at least that’s what someone said.

Not sure what’s planned, all we have is this which suggests 2 new maps for April - which admittedly isn’t a lot but we’ll see.

I’d also like to hear what is planned. We’re currently missing the skirmish (eg. wheat & chaff) and last stand maps (eg. schlüsselschloss). I don’t really mind that because I personally did not enjoy those as much as the longer missions we currently have. Would be nice to hear what’s in their mind regarding different styles of maps regardless; Have they completely abandoned last stand & skirmish, or?

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