Would anyone like a PUBG-like PvE mod?

Hi there, first of all, I’m not a mod developer. It’s just an idea got in my mind: how about 100 players (or 25 teams of 4-players) defend unlimited rats in a limited map as long as possible?

As I know, fatshark wouldn’t support any PvP gameplay in the game. The PvE is good enough challenging with hordes, elites and bosses.

If it is possible to make, wish to play it in modded realm or even the official one.

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huh? 100 players in a V2 map? I don’t think the game can handle that… Not to mention it’s gonna be kind of stupid seeing 50 Kerillians, 30 Siennas, 10 bardins, 9 Salty bois and 1 kruber in every game.

Why not just a normal survival mode, 4 players with unlimited hordes and specials come at you. I’m still hoping they have a defend the keep game mode xD

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I can already tell you how this whole thing will turn out: Fireballs and hagbane poison covering the whole map and a single slayer having the time of his life.


I can picture 50+ beams just randomly wiggling across the map lol. While the lone slayer keeps yelling at the elfs to watch their fire, his HP quickly draining due to 20+ poison DoTs on him… hahahaha

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