H e Y r E a D m Y t O l L y C o O l I d E a S H e D g E

FELLOW HERO’S OF THE RAT SMASHING SORT. I’m bored. Very bored. <-- Is what my friends are saying!
Most of the time I can only get one of my friends to play with me anymore. If there’s more then two of us, there’s 6. Number’s there do NOT ADD UP IF YOU DID NOT NOTICE. I’d like to suggest a few new game modes and types to not only Fatshark but also modders who are looking for ideas because I have 0 skill in creating such mods!
The basic idea is that you need 4 people. It’s the staple number in most hoard shooters, but why?! Why is it that we must pick and choose 4 people to be the dudes to violently swing around weapons at rats(To MAYBE get a few yellows, mostly just greens tho.) So here I place ideas! I would VERY MUCH appreciate if others applied their opinions. And yes, that includes just calling me a fool and saying my ideas are dumb. I honestly want to know!
Game mode for two people (But not really the romantic kind of way, unless you want that?)
Something I have always enjoyed was joshing around Athel Yenlui with a bow and just hunting down enemies. It’s fun and I enjoy the stealthy sort of feel of sneaking around ambiance THEN POW AN IDEA. What if we had some sort of stealth mode? No random spawns, no WOOPS 10 SPECIALS ON MY BUTT WITH A BOSS OH COOL A HOARD AS WELL NICE. Just you, a friend, a map, and a TARGET. It works like this:

  • Loading up the level the AI director randomly place ambiance in a large area, there is no linear path you need to follow… just an open area. With said area is a boss such as a really strong Stormvermin (like the ITN boss) or a really strong Chaos warrior (again like the boss)
  • The two hero’s must find the target and eliminate it, then make it to the portal therefore winning.
  • There could be patrols wandering around, with specials possibly within them! Ex: Monk pack, Wizard pack, Gunner pack, Stormvermin patrols, ECT.
  • You can run into the level guns blazing and try your might against everything, possibly risking an alarm causing a HUGE hoard to spawn and start looking for you. O R, Be absolutely quiet and avoid the patrols and ambiance, making your soul mission to find and eliminate the target asap!
  • I feel this would give stealthier classes AHEM… SHADE… More purpose and a more rewarding way to play them! You and your partner would have to work together to make it out.

6 players
OOOOH MERCIFUL GODS WE’VE 6 MEN WITH THE UNDYING URGE TO PURGE THE RAT SCUM… but only 4 slots. HERESY I SAY. What if those two players (Or one if your friends don’t happen to be in even numbers) became the AI directors? It works as such

  • 4 players start a level as normal, 2 are given a free roam view of the map.
  • Those two players control all the events such as patrols, hoards, bosses, and specials. Adding a new level of difficulty (Not to mention a much craftier less RNG AI director) The four players could win the match therefore getting the loot, or the AI directors could kill them STEALING the loot(more likely getting loot of their own getting 0 anything after hard work would suck… oh wait.)
  • Now I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING. “But wouldn’t they just do something like spawn everything at once? That would be unfair” And to that I say, isn’t that pretty much what already happens?

8 Players
Ever played L4D 2? Ofcourse you have. If you have you already know EXACTLY what 8 player game mode could exist. If you don’t I’ll sum it up very quickly.

  • 4 players start the level as normal, 4 players start with a choice of all the specials and find somewhere to hind out of the players view.
  • The Specials must work together to trap and kill the heros, the heros have to N O T D I E and beat the level. Simple.
  • After round one the teams swap and the map starts over.
  • It’s a lot of fun in L4D but totally terrifying because the Specials have the mind of a real human and will set up much more syced up dangerous assaults. Unlike the AI Assassin rats who tend to… get real comfortable with the wall half the time.

Those are my ideas. If you like them please like this post so more people can share their opinions! If you don’t, tell me some of your ideas or call me mean names. Either works.

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