Lets play a game! (DT)

had a talk about Darktide with s1
i had a train of thought that went like
“they really had to sit down and think about how they can F* up the hub experience as badly as possible to get to the point we are now”.

and then went like hey that would be a fun game!

so i challenge you, within realistic margins how fatshark could worsen the user experience in the hub even further!
be creative

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The armory can only serve one player at a time and there is a queue


sometime it already looks like theres a queue! but now its real good one

by listening to any of the suggestions made on this forum

The Morningstar is the secondary hub you enter in a backdoor in Commodore’s vestments, so all the NPCs can comment on your lack of fashion sense every log in.

Action poses because they’re coming anyway, gotta flex those clipping and stretched skins boiiii

A stat tracker that is budget report but for Aquillas only.


I think the FatShark way would be to add a chance that crafting gives a random result, that e.g. weapons have a chance to get worse when leveling up or that leveling up doesn’t work at all, of course all mats are used up. The same would be imaginable for Perks and Blessings. Preferably you need 3 times the same Blessing you extracted from one weapon to apply it to another weapon, of course with the chance that it will be another Blessing with a different level or it won’t work at all. New classes, zones, mutators, weapons, hair, tattoos, pendants and also all upcoming skins and recolors are always paid… and why not also the visit to the Psykanium, the character editor and Melk’s weeklies, who wants to earn Ordos when you can also spend real money. These boosts that were leaked, also very suitable for this. And while we’re at it, the servers have to keep running so a monthly subscription model is a must anyway. Actually, you could also offer in-game revives for real money… that might even be really lucrative, or potions like the ones in Vermintide, combat drugs with temporary effects surely exist in 40K too. Oh, and mounts could be introduced, which simply run after you pointlessly and for which you can also buy skins. But that’s all I can think of right away… :frowning: On top you could also add some RNG to everything here and there, but I bet even FS wouldn’t do that for paying customers… or would they? :thinking:


Adding Korean MMO crafting/upgrading mechanics would definitely make it feel much worse, yet at the same time curiously it would still feel mostly the same with all the layers of RNG already in there.

Other things that would make the Mourningstar worse:
Pay-per-use “social” interactions, like tables, chairs, etc.
New rooms, like the hangar deck, refectory, etc. but with a loading screen for each.
No light jog, walking only.
Vox-enabled servo-skulls that hover around you showing the latest paid cosmetics.
Random unskippable social cutscenes.


You could triple the distance to everything, and reduce max speed to a slow walk.

Loading screens as you ‘zone’ into every single shop. Except the premium one, which is the only one left in the concourse. You also have to load into the mission terminal area.

Oh, and those areas are single instances 100% shared with everyone, so it does try to load all the users in that area at once.


Hadron’s been flirting with tzeentch, crafting is random as to whether it’ll work or not, also may randomly destroy your gear or even change it into something else (always worse stats). Hadron also gives you a 10 minute pep talk in between each crafting function.

every time you buy a weapon from a shop, there is a chance the servitor crashes and just takes your money without giving anything. This refreshes the shop.

The armory and crafting stations will be moved further apart, instead of a straight path you’ll have to move through doors and hallways interspersed with a premium cosmetics shop, a premium armory, a premium boon vendor, a premium resources peddler and a DLC merchant.

add persistent chat box, so people can advertise/sell CS:GO skins in it and whatnot.