Arena DLC

It would be awesome if they could give us just the Arena from “Righteous Stand” as a DLC map (or even a courtyard off somewhere in the Keep), where we could just spawn x of whatever enemies so we can fight them for practice.

Basically like a moving, hitting target dummy.

This would let us practice with the various weapons taking down shieldvermin, chaos spawns etc. for loadout tweaking purposes.

i.e today I had a really sucky time when I was the last one standing as Handmaiden with the 2H sword and swiftbow and I couldn’t work out how to kill 2 shieldvermins (I never use 2H swords). Eventually a Packmaster got me. Boo.

Also this would in theory lead to less people not having a clue how to dodge boss attacks.



Shieldvermin in general need to be fixed. Currently some characters literally cannot kill them, that seems way overtuned.

Yeah, if it had been just one, maybe spamming attacks would have worked but I had to keep dodging and blocking so I couldn’t get enough swings in. I couldn’t flank them either. Apparently their heads are hittable with ranged weapons but I didn’t have much luck with that.

However if I could get some training and just spawn one in to see what works with what weapon…

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