First DLC

What do you think will be the first DLC? Did any of you piece together the hints?

Good stuff from the dlc

if its a DLC then i hope for item trading between people, and a map editor to create our own map :smiley:


Judging by V1 it’ll probably be a few new maps, a couple new weapons and maybe some cosmetics.

I really want some new tools to burn out heresy

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I tend to agree. A few maps, weapons, cosmetics. A bit more story. It’s the first DLC after a somewhat-rocky launch, I think they’ll keep it rather tame. I don’t think we’ll get a level editor; that’s going to come down the line with mod tools. I really do hope that each character gets a new weapon, instead of just 1-2 characters.

Later on, due to the success of the game thus far, I hope they will go more wild! New careers, perhaps!

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Two maps, a couple of weapons and maybe a few cosmetics. Mod support will be introduced through one of the bigger updates that they are planning to provides us with apart from the DLC.

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