Mod suggestion - custom in-game OST

I have been longing for the V1 OST, since I much prefer it over that of V2 to be modded into V2, but so far in vain (or so I believe anyway, if I am wrong, do correct me please). But it could be way better yet I think, how about a mod that would enable anyone to add any tracks they want to play in the stead of the default ones?

I personally would really like the horde tracks to be changed and also the Red Moon Inn theme to replace that of the keep, but the more universal the mod, the more people would benefit I am sure.


This is an interesting idea, especially if the mod let you assign songs to their appropriate events, like assigning chaos and skaven horde music, different songs for each boss, etc. that would be pretty awesome.

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I want this.

And I can see streamers having a lot of fun with this. Changing the boss music to something funny. Reminding me of the music mod for Mr X in Resident Evil lol.

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