Keep music - Available anywhere yet?

I’m looking for the various ambient music played while in the keep, it’s not in the collectors edition soundtracks folder nor can I get google to find it for me. I found a post who asked the same and I think someone replied it was going to be included in a future update but I’m unsure.

Anyone know what’s up?

I’m posting this despite feeling this isn’t what you asked for; but many of the songs that play in the Keep when you visit the Armory or the forge is from Vermintide 1, and a few of them from the Mitterfruhl event.

Sir Gremblo has uploaded most if not all tracks, you could dig around there.

I listened through it but as you said, it didn’t have what I had in mind from V2 but I don’t think I ever heard most of these in the mitterfruhl event so thanks for sharing anyway.

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