Y'all, they buffed the power sword

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DarkTide/comments/10m03g5/weapon_damage_changes_1022/

I wish I was joking, but no.

The strongest melee weapon in the game, that encourages the most braindead gameplay I have ever seen (no, Power Sword Vets, backstepping once to clear space so you can activate your charge before going back to infinite horizontal sweeps is not strategy), that allows Veterans to outshine Zealots and Ogryn in melee combat, that every goddamned Veteran in PuG lobbies already takes… got an across-the-board 20-30% damage increase.

You can’t make this stuff up.

EDIT: Turns out I really jumped the gun on this one. Thanks to @CommanderJ for pointing out my mistake. The buffs were only to Light Attack 3. Reading comprehension is important, kids. I might just delete this topic if I feel like it’s outlived its usefulness.


It seems you did make it up. All those changes apply only to light attack 3, which was doing less damage than intended, and less damage than light 1, light 2.


I mean, they buffed a lot of weapons with a blanket buff due to some scaling stuff or a bug fix i think, powersword just happened to be one of the weapons.

Its not like they specifically looked at the powersword and went “Yeah, lets give this thing more damage”.

Hah, wow, okay. I’ll own up to this one.

You’re 100% correct. I should have been more careful in my reading. I saw a whole page and a half of numbers and it didn’t even occur to me that it could just be for one attack. I didn’t fully comprehend that the different targets all had their own separate damage profiles. And my trust level in Fatshark is not high right now so I assumed the worst.

My bad, guys. It’s technically still a buff, just not anything like what I claimed. Thanks for the correction!


Hey no worries. I had to squint twice before I realized it was only light 3, as well. Even though the patch notes did say specifically light 3. Seeing lots of +% to powersword would have made me raise my eyebrows too :slight_smile:

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So this thread is kinda pointless but I’m gonna use it to dump a Vet fact I learnt recently. You know that feat that gives 75% ranged DR while in Ult? Yeah it actually works against melee attacks too despite what the description says :rofl:

Never forget that they didn’t bother to fix that this patch, but deactivating deflector FS and Ogryn shield during revives was apparently a necessary change.

Vet truly is their golden child. Though honestly as long as it encourages Vets not to take goddamn Camo Expert I guess I can live with it.


Their changelog is a mess, they just felt like whatever random order things should be rather than writing changes to the same weapon together…yeah very easy to read…

Well now I almost don’t want to delete it, lol.

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AFAIK they’ve only coded one type of damage reduction into the game - and it’s the same one used by any class or talent that provides any % of damage reduction, so all of them work for both melee and ranged.

Slides specifically have a unique type of damage reduction that applies only to toughness as far as I’m aware.

EDIT: Well I guess it would be more accurate to call it a toughness modifier since it varies based on state and class. (In theory it could actually increase damage taken, as it does for sprinting with veteran/psyker)

Ogryn are also unique in that they have the only health damage resistance in the game so far IIRC, though it also applies to toughness.

Similarly funny. Ogryn passive says 20% health damage resistance and 20% toughness damage resistance. Except for some reason it applies both multiplicatively for toughness DR so Ogryn just has 36% toughness DR all the time.

The more you look the more spaghetti you find :spaghetti:


dw, it’s still one of the strongest weapons of the game, covering the Veteran’s “meant” weakness

Zealot DR absolutely applies to health, not just toughness. Pretty sure Vet DR also applies to health, not just toughness. It’s all the same status effect. Slides do work differently though, I think.

I’ve played a heck of a lot of Zealot and I feel pretty certain from experience that is not true.

The Vets weakness is running. 200% more dmg intake while sprinting. And lonesome melee mobs that spawn in his back while he is shooting range enemies that blast away his teammate’s toughness bars.

The Vets main duty is killing ranged enemies an Specials via ranged weak spot hits. His main obstacle to do his duty are big hordes of Poxwalker and lone melee mobs hitting him while aiming.

And the Vets MOST DANGEROUS and MOST OBNOXIOUSLY ANNOYING ‘‘WEAKNESS’’ are some people who play Zealot and/or Ogryn, and have a wrong understanding of their role and strong points in the squad. So they open treads again and again, that the Vet should have his only reliable choice of melee weapon either nerfed or even taken away.

-Ogryn’s Role is not dealing dmg! FS made it to be the Ogryns greatest power to apply crowd controll (CC) on treats to his team while being able to sustain great pressure from all sides, that he shrugs off by his high amount of toughness regeneration and his HP pool.

-Zealots Role is not that of the ONE and ONLY meant to be HERO that charges into bulks of enemies on the opposite site of the room to flay them all in seconds. FS made it to be the Zealots greatest power to handle large amounts of enemies strait on, aggressive and fast. Without the need to constantly fear loosing to much health, because of its ability to regenerate HP. Tools that the Zealot needs to step in, where others get pushed back.

Vet’s get their shots sucked up by massive Ogryn bodys. And their special ability rendered 100% wasted as soon as a Zealot fires off his Flamer inside closed areas, into a crowd of poxwalkers while everyone gets shot by the range enemies behind them and out of the flamers reach.

And on top of that day in and day out people mistake the uselessness of the Vet’s other melee choices in terms of attack pattern as a sign that the Power Sword would be OP and too strong.
Veteran players not even like to use their melee weapon. They are meant to be popping off heads with their rifles. They have no charge or pushback special! They have a visual special, that they even share with the group in 90% of the builds. There is no other way for them to get melee trash mobs to stop hitting them, other than killing these mobs fast in situations where they have to shoot that bomber or sniper NOW. That bomber or sniper that, can turn a hard encounter into a lost mission in seconds.

Gonna stop you right here: zealot does not regenerate hp.
If you get caught with your pants down, and anything with a gun sneezes at you, in damnation, you will suffer.

Vet and Zealot share the same weapon pool while having a very different quality of perks…

Uh ok just to add my grain of salt here, since I’m leveling my Vet too

Vets with Power Swords barely ever need any help in melee at all. I’ve had games with multiple ogryns and it was hell, not because of the body blocking, but because they knocked everything down, whereas I could just kill everything smaller than a Rager with a single Charged Heavy.
I had to refrain from telling them to stop making my job harder lol

Power sword is not really fine as it is. Vets definitely have mobility issues, but so does the Psyker, meanwhile the Vets have extremely powerful ranged firepower and 200 toughness…

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I think he is talking about that mechanic that lets you regenerate a chunk of health based on how much damage you did when the defy death thing activates, or that talent that lets you regain a bit of health when hit or something.

Unreliable af hahaha
Every time this passive has activated, I was getting gunned down, or mauled by a dog…
So… To each their own I guess.
Most of the time, getting the HP regain is a better option (over a game most likely)

It can come in clutch at times, but you basically gotta play around the talent, if you are low hp you can get it to intentionally activate against a horde of trash mobs and more or less regen your entire bar. If you combine it with a flamethrower its apparently amazing.

Its not gonna be so hot if you try to just let it naturally activate, since that has a tendency to happen when you are either getting gunned down, or being CCed.

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