Powersword still outshines every other melee weapon

I realize the weapon was nerfed recently but it is still better than any other melee weapon. It feels like it is supposed to be a jack-of-all-trades which is a good idea but executed poorly. Instead of a jack-of-all-trades, it is a king of everything. The result of this is that it becomes an “easy mode” weapon which does not belong in a tide game IMO. It seems rather weird that a veteran SHARPSHOOTER can, at the push of a button, become as strong if not stronger than a Zealot in melee. To me the powersword just feels like such a crutch for players who wouldn’t otherwise be able to hold their own.

Now this is not entirely the fault of the powersword, but also because most of the “human sized” weapons seem to be very underwhelming. Keyword “SEEMS”, as the combat knife might seem useless but is quite fantastic. Or the thunderhammer which is amazing.

I would personally like to see the other weapons get more love and/or see the powersword tweaked a little more.

  • Keep the massive amount of cleave but reduce the damage alot more.
  • Give it a heat meter similar to the plasma rifle or psyker / give the powerup a charge pack type of ammo that is spent at every powerup which would be found either as a standalone pack of ammo or through regular ammo pickups (this would also apply to weapons like thunderhammer, chainsword, evis etc.)

And just to be clear;

Nerfing everything is not a viable solution just like buffing everything is not a viable solution either.
Do not nerf the Powersword to the point where it is useless. And buffing everything up to the level of the powersword is going to make Heresy and Damnation a cakewalk and plain boring.
Keep a healthy balance where every weapon is viable. It obviously takes time to reach this point. And by all means if you disagree please explain why and not just “u wrong cuz i disagree”. Discourse is necessary for a game to grow.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


They should fix the feel of the weapons (attack patterns, bugged animation delays and locks, unintuitive cleave patterns, special attack rev and charge limitations, etc.) because a weapon that is awkward to use is still awkward to use even with better numbers. Tweaking the numbers means little when blessings can pick up the slack all too easily.

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Knives are the best melee weapon in the game. Not the Power Sword.

Best mobility. Great damage. Blessings that make your head spin.


What gets me is that the power sword isn’t even the only power weapon in the game, but it certainly seems to be the best one.
If they keep the sword the way it is, then the thunder hammer needs to blast things to pieces, and have an AoE effect when you hit something weaker that gets overkilled.
It’s also the only “chargeable” weapon that gets multiple swings from a single charge, why is that?
If anyone, the melee specialist zealot should get the best power weapons, not the sharpshooter…

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Sharpshooter is probably the pet class of Darktide. Including the PS.
So far the one with the least drawbacks and the most strengths. I agree fully that the sword is on the wrong class. Whenever I play Sharpshooter there’s nothing I can’t handle.

However, now I think the other weapons should be worked on to feel better. Love the thunder hammer as an idea, but it feels bad when you charge it and it essentially becomes weaker except for ST and can put you in danger if used improperly. It has drawbacks, which is good. All weapons should have some form of drawback or if they don’t they should be mediocre.

Tell me about it. I have a PS with increased cleave and increased dmg on kills… To me, the PS feels the same. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing in of itself, blessings should matter. The only difference I noticed is that I have to aim at heads a bit more, which isn’t hard since melee weapons are very forgiving when it comes to hitting heads.

The fact that we have no “PS is now garbage” means it was a good nerf tbh.

Ok so now when we say that somone have real wrong arguments and is certainly noob we are censored ? Nice, really constructiv when you cant say to somone he s wrong and must sharp his ingame skill, good job FS continue like that, listen too some ppls complaining and DONT take count of the big majority who enjoy the game in silence.
And dont let big players give advices to new players.

Yeah give it to the immortal preacher than can already full reheal with a knif or tactical axe, it’s certainly not OP classe with his flamer too.

Be serious and honest ppls.

Also, lets dont care about 40k lore, really, that s not for that many players bought the game for sure.

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I agree for that.

I personnaly feel a big difference when you have to save the game and mates during a monstruous wave in t5, ho yea you are just f*ck now the game is dead.
You could save it befor the nerf so yes it has been too much nerf.
But you still can save a game in this conditions with zealot flamer.
Conspiracy ?
Or just problem of skill for a lot and honesty ?

The power sword is superior to everything else because everything else besides knives is absolutely trash.

I don’t want to use the power sword, I don’t like having to charge it, I don’t like how terrible it is defensively, but I simply “have” to use it because the rest of the melee weapons are horrible.

Nerf the power sword if you want, I honestly don’t care anymore, but you are only making a good weapon bad without alternatives.

Try to remember Sharpshooter has 0 feats for melee weapons, so you can’t just grab a sword and make it good like zealot.


You are flooding the thread, and going off topic now to top it.

Keep it on topic, and don’t post 40 times without messages in between.

Damn i cant say " lol " now

Sots lets argument 1 more time, if you say that, it s cause you certainly didnt understood how to play other classes with other weapons …

Dont worry i explain, but i m tired to already explain same things cause it s already same complain, cause ppls posting that dont read already existing thread, maybe they dont care.

I won’t enter personal attacks, you can keep flooding this thread if it pleases you.

i was runnign my vet through some heresy missions and i could spot the nerf , there was a horde crushers and a bunch of ragers and i had to actually use a second charge up to kill them all, would of easily scythed the lot in one before.

has anyone else noticed it seems like you can now relaibly get 3 heavy swings per charge up now?

its still by far the strongest weapon in game , its hilarious hearing people call it broken and useless now

im not sure it being a gurenteed solo clutch weapon in t5 is quite the argument for balance as it might of sounded in your head, i mean your calling a balance change which has in your own words made it so its actually possible to loose t5,


Ok i agree for that, cause it s not designed as focus weapon but melee control, infinit cleave was too much, but nerfed damages on the wave is to much too.

Nop sorry but how i play, moving, evading, etc i usueally got 2 or 1 charge, cause it’s a timer

Stongest class special weapon for vet yeap, for other classes no, it’s not comparable cause mechanics are differents.

I said you could, but, it wasnt doable each time, cause you got all specials too ! So no it’s not what i wanted to say.

hmm not having that problem, if you need to block that obviously eats into the timer but everything else you can at leastready the swing

id say its strongest melee weapon in game and by quite a long shot , the lacerate dagger has a wierd interaction with the zealot that might get looked at (it seems like an unintended interaction to me)
i cant think of anything that has the innate strength of the power sword even post balance.

which other melee weapons you think are better?

Power sword kinda boring asf as well, dont like using it on my vet.

If you get a power sword with ignore mass perk or some kind of good cleave perk, it kinda just feels like it used to vs hordes.

A bit off topic, but i think lot of the issues of things being kinda overpowered or is being perceived as overpowered might be due to how certain weapons interact with the different classes, like how a dagger is good on a vet, but absolutely amazing on a zealot, and vice versa for the bolter. One of the issues that crop up when you have shared weapon types i suppose.
Imagine a power sword on a zealot, that would probably be pretty crazy.


Actually, that is a good idea to give Power Sword to Zealots, they would stop complaining it’s OP and instead protect it from nerfs


But then the ogryns and the psykers will start complaining thats its to OP on zealot, and then the whole cycle starts again because people are weird about balancing for this pve game.

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