Please make power sword more powerful

Needing to turn it on all the time is irritating. Please just turn it on, leave it on, and give us a cool special move instead of an ‘on switch’ for our special. A deep penetrating thrust would be nice, or a quick one like on the dueling sword.

Also, I would like a skin for the powersword that is like the dueling sword, except maybe a little wider in the blade. Call it 'Commisar’s Powersword" as a skin. TBH, A dueling sword should be more like an Epee… but it’s w40k so maybe they like dueling with sabers.

Would also be nice to buff the other melee weapons so the haters will quiet down and so they are viable, especially the chain weapons, but until then we can make do with a lore correct powersword.

Thank you.


I second this.
Better weapon performance overall is always good.

Also the ideas for the special are sounding good =)

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Good bait suggestion

Oh, I mean every word of it. All the W40K weapons should just be ON. Including the chainsword, but without the stunlock.


Yes, power-weapons should be on all the time!
to balance, could make the power-weapons more slow attack, and/or lower mobility stats, and/or lower stamina stats, and/or give “normal” weapons a buff like giving them higher mobility stats and/or a buff to the carried ranged weapon like a higher ammo capacity.

that way you could have some powerful melee weapons that are lore correct,
and still keep it balanced

there should also be force weapons available that are capable of having continously magical attacks all the time (but perhaps a little “weaker” magical attacks, except for special attack that is a strong magical attack that costs peril)

again, could balance this by making force-weapon cause lower ammo capacity, and/or lower mobility, and/or slower attacks, but that are always magical and only causes very little peril, like + 1-3 peril for each attack or such.

power-weapon could be balanced also by lowering ammo capacity for the ranged weapon
when carrying a power-weapon that is actually on all the time.

I think ‘balance’ should be abandoned and everything should be made as good as it can be in it’s own way. If something still sucks, send it back to the drawing board. If game is too easy, send more tough enemies.

W40K is suppose to be over the top in every way.


i meant balanced as in balancing it´s usefulness compared to other weapons, so that other weapons arent completely suck, but good at something else (like e.g. gives a buff to ammo capacity to the ranged weapon, or + mobility or such).

not enough “tide” tbh, just getting pew pew at by ranged enemies. : (

The servers may disagree, but I’m here for it in theory.


This is exactly what I said!?!?!??!?!?!?!??

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Eh, might miscommunicated. My bad if so.

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Delicious bait.

I agree with the ‘on/off switch’ but of course, there should be a trade-off otherwise haters with an inferiority complex would demand nerfs again.

I suggest that it would swing slower or receive more damage to toughness while it’s turned on.

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I second this. Constantly having to turn the power field on every few swings feels extremely clunky to use. It’s like using an old crappy flashlight that you have to repeatedly bang it on something and constantly press the button to turn it back on every 30 seconds.

It should function more like the psyker’s force sword, you power it up and do a single animation, and it should have a burning / charring effect when it cleaves someone in half.

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Power sword is already good

The force sword is terrible and needs buffs. Even just making it work the same as the power sword would be a huge improvement

Not really, no. Ultimately you still want a good player experience not just a single moment of fanservice.

I have said why I don’t like it in different threads and it boils down to you ALWAYS want it on.
Chain weapons boost is a single target killer with few down sides and same with the TH.

Could try having it do a plasma gun overheat mechanic and once it maxes out you need to vent it fully before it turns back on but on the up side you can swap to a powered up sword and vent manage it.
Just no hp damage pls.


Thank you for this, I was not expecting much from this thread but introducing overheat is actually a great suggestion.

When using the special attack power sword should kill everything spawned on the map.