WUT? - Punishing Salvo & Substained Fire - on Columnus V InfGun


So is this supposed to be possible & if yes, how does it work?

Do those two combine or what?
So +35% Damage on Third and Fourth shots in a Salvo?


What I still don’t understand, what exactly is a salvo? Is it as long as you hold the trigger? Is it each time you fire before reloading? I just don’t get it.

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A salvo seems to be repeated firing of a weapon until you stop firing for a certain amount of time which differs weapon to weapon, like the MG XII Lasgun needs way longer a pause in firing than a MG Ia for it to count as separate salvoes.

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what would they be saying before the patch?

Third and fourth shots!? Wtf, this effectively bricks both blessings, wtf.

Depends. The Columnus V without damage boosters needs more than 4 shots to kill basically everything that isn’t a poxwalker.

If the timer between salvos is short enough AND the increase on those 3rd and 4th shots is actually substantial, it might make it usable. The fire rate on it is stupid fast, so it can put out a 4-round salvo in a very short time.

I’d love to test it, but you know, crafting system :clown_face:


yeah, I can see it being of slight benefit to the Columnus but handicaps the Agripinaa. atm, sustained fire is still triggering off the 2nd and 3rd shots. I’m a big fan of the infantry autoguns - I’m hoping for an increase in mag size and reduction in ADS recoil come Oct.

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too bad the stopping power on it is so low that it likely needs those blessings just to meet the baseline dps of a max value. Time to pull that slot machine again and hope you get the exact same thing…

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@anthov4419 What I’ve heard is that it’s still the same “salvo” until the last shot’s recoil fully resets. Can’t confirm if that’s correct, I just remember it being discussed on the Discord at some point.

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I can confirm this.
Both by way of testing myself and having seen other tests from people.

The way a “salvo” works in Darktide is different from an actual salvo in reallife is.
When you start firing, the game “opens up a salvo for you”. Until you stop firing and the recoil fully resets, every new shot will counted to this salvo.

That means it doesn’t matter how many shots are in your “natural salvo”, it only matters if you put the gun down / stop firing for a while for the salvo to end.

This is also why Opening Salvo is a tempting pick on single and burst fire guns with a fast recoil recovery.

For our case here, that means you get a 35% damage boost from both blessings for the 3rd and 4th shots you fired in a row. On a 2-burst-fire gun, that means the entire second burst will be 35% more powerful, if you did fire it immediately after the first.

You can try this in the Meat Grinder.


I mean, yeah, but who cares about the Columnus. . . I’m talking about my golden boi, the Agrip Mk1. Jesus, as if it’s ammo efficiency wasn’t crap enough, now they want me to mag dump with it!?

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So if I fire 4 shoots with THIS Columnus now, shot 3 & 4 do 35% more damage or doesn’t it stack?

Seriously I just try this gun out as a bit of a joke, but if you do controlled “salvos” you can actually make that work pretty good.

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why dont you just test it?

edit - think more accurate to say "salvo is the duration of the recoil/bloom it starts when you fire it ends when the reticle recovers back to rest.

so salvos really suit weapons with low recoil or at least fast recovery and short bursts a weapon like the mg12 your probably going to struggle to hit a slavo of any higher than one, the vraks requires only a very short pause to reset and so pairs well with surgical that ups critical as you ADS

i can see 4,5 shots being a good burst size for the mk5 im not sure that boost is going to make it a good choice i dont hate the gun its just very outclassed right now.

Prior to the patch Punishing Salvo said “+5-20% Weak Spot Damage on Second and Third shots in a Salvo.”

Sustained Fire was also on the second and third shots rather than third and fourth, but is the same otherwise.

They might be planning to shake things up soon -though hopefully not with this much overlap- but I imagine for now it still works the way it did before.

Recoil reset is bs.

A salvo starts when you press fire, and stops when you let go. That’s just logical.

The penalty for firing again immediately afterwards should just be accuracy. Make that bad if that’s the weapons modus operandi. Don’t double down on random mechanics.

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I will. I just thought someone maybe knew already.

I’ll report back.

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Yes, you should deal 35% more damage. In Darktide everything stacks with each other flat (no diminishing returns) in most cases, altbeit a few things are hardcapped. Not as much as in VT2, though, which is why stacking power and damage perks is so powerful here.

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I do! It’s got the potential to feel like a proper brrt brrt brrt gun, it just takes half a mag to kill anything beyond point blank range.

As for the Agri 1, it’s my go-to for lights out. It does everything. Being able to 1tap shooters at mid range is pretty great. I never really have ammo issues with it, though I do play vet.

Exactly. It’s trash if you just magdump because it jumps all over the place. But you have a good 6-7 shots in a salvo before that starts happening - If you can make that 4-shot salvo kill most trash enemies AND the recoil reset isn’t too long (I have to test this), it might actually be decent.

Edit #1: On a different track, threads like this would be WAY more engaging and productive if the crafting system didn’t make us dump 6 months worth of blessing farming and dice rolling to actually try these things out.

Edit #2: After some testing in the meatgrinder, the salvo reset is indeed too long for this to be good. That is, assuming the reset it how long it takes for the reticle to reset. THAT IS… if you hipfire it.
If you ADS with it, recoil resets reasonably quickly (though, not fast enough, really :expressionless:)and this weapon becomes what I want the Vraks III to be. The blessings OP raised would indeed be fairly decent for this gun. Thank you, OP for reminding me about this little gem.