More weapons into the momorial

this last one was the biggest scam, i locked in sripped down on porpuse then they changed the effect nerfing it completely



[Sad Beep]


While most of these made me feel sad, and angry (sangry?) the last one I was kinda eh.

50% stopping power is real bad.

The % damage modifiers mean you’d be better off losing the actual Damage stat especially on a fast firing weapon.

That aside:

For the love of the God Emperor remove the karking locks.


Really? thats my dumpstat, does anyone found a use for it?

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Dear god. I know full well how much of a nerd I am for saying so, but this is fĂĽcking shameful.

What a tragic waste. Like finding a gold doubloon and then using it on a gumball dispenser. 7 separate times.

These locks are a câncer.


The “Damage” stat on the Columnus Mk V is your base damage + damage modifier vs Unarmoured and Infected. The “Stopping Power” stat on the Columnus Mk V is your damage modifier against Flak, Maniac, Unyielding, and Carapace. It also effects your weapon’s stagger strength but that’s less important.

It’s admittedly unclear at a glance but Stopping Power is immensely important to the damage output of your weapon. In the future, I highly recommend selecting “Inspect” on new weapons and hovering each stat to know what they do. That way, you can know what you’re okay stat dumping.


i thought it was only stagger, thanks

but ye, i reckon its just a 8% difference between 50% and 80% or something like that


I got it confused with Collateral (which is only stagger strength iirc) for an obscenely long time. Like 1k hours long time XD

It just didn’t come up until I had bounced off it like 3-4 times and really, finally wanted to min-max some guns I didn’t use as much.


I feel silly for asking, but what’s wrong with the power sword?

the perfect base stats, and had to settle locking t3 slaughterer was a mid already, then the stamina on perks being the best option of the 2 was the killer

it was set to be the best but it turned out mid


Can I still optimize any of these or are they also all damned to be mid?

That first one can still be good. Get that power cycler over slaughterer.

Weakpoint damage isn’t ideal, but at least its stacking with BM.

Dunno about ideal perks. The breakpoints on my power sword seem just fine with 10 weakpoint, 25 maniac. That’s with Mk VI though which has that insane pushstab.

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its a question for fatshark, 441 has hope, bring it to exotic

+20% carapace is good, i locked it in my besties

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@Tempest_yo @Antilus

Thank you gentlemen, I’ll follow your advice once I wake up and let you know what I come up with.

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It depends.

Most of the time Stopping Power isn’t even a dump stat. It’s a trap stat. The higher it is, the more likely the enemy will start animating and twitching around. At best it just makes hitting heads really hard, at worst you’ll hit their arms for a fraction of the intended damage instead. A high Stopping Power can completely ruin many weapons and builds.

On the other hand, some weapons and builds are all about CC, or even have blessings or talents that benefit from stagger. In their case a high Stopping Power is important ofc.

Edit: The comment above was a mistake / misunderstanding. Stopping Power & Penetration are dmg stats, they’re extremely important and higher is always better. This post was about the stagger stats, whatever name they go by (Collateral etc.). Which as said, is often bad.

ye i reckon it would be good on autopistols, but devs made sure to keep pinning fire blessing away from those weapons that has stopping power

if you notice, both weapons with pinning fire has collateral as modifiable stat

What? Its literally a damage modifier vs certain enemy types.

I’ve yet to see it cause stagger on a MK V anyways especially to the degree that you’re talking.

I’m not sure what weapon would not benefit from more stopping power. It would have to be some weirdly specific middle ground semi auto where too much knocks down an enemy which turns it into a 3 shot because your headshots do exactly 50% hp.

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ye and its like 5-8%


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Omg right! I made a mistake, apologies. xD

I was just ADHD:ing through the pictures and my brain went “Stopping Power > stopping > it’s a CC / stagger stat”. I guess I was stuck on Penetration being the dmg stat…

Yeah anyway you’re 100% right. Dmg stats are almost always important. Everything I said before was about +stagger stats no matter what name they go by.

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