WUT? - Punishing Salvo & Substained Fire - on Columnus V InfGun

It’s 31 round mag (80% ammo) leaves a lot to be desired with hordes, particularly with a >3s reload (longer than a braced AG, which I find hilarious) - I say that as a player unable to land 31 consecutive headshots on scrambling swarms of groaners & poxwalkers, both of whom take 2x shots center mass to put down.

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Its a good thing Veteran has a melee weapon and can save his ~380 bullets for actual threatening enemies instead. AG1 feels great to use, I actually run it most on Zealot lately since I just want something to kill maniac class specials and shooters fast. I want to melee everything else so even when Veterans aren’t around my ammo issues aren’t a thing. Most of my ammo issues arise from joining a round in session taking over for a bot that left me with no reserves. Or if you die and come back mid round.

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Well yes, when I say “it does everything”, I mean it’s a capable allrounder, not that it’s S+ tier for every possible scenario.

Also, like I said, I play vet. I almost never have ammo issues with it and I play probably 85%+ ranged. Basically the only things I pull melee out for are crushers and big point-blank groups of melee enemies.

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as do I and I made no mention of the ammo pool or issues of running out of ammo, rather the mag size and reload speed. the braced AG offers better penetration, larger mag, and faster reload speeds . despite this I use the Agrip Autogun exclusively on the vet for it’s ADS + blessings - it’s a fun weapon. but it could absolutely could use some improvements.

Why not run the career skill that auto-reloads for you?

At the cost of being nearly useless outside of short/mid range.

I run sniper in lieu of tactical reload, but I do run one after another, and find Counterfire more conducive with my playstyle than Sustained Fire.

couldn’t agree more. another reason I don’t use it.

I do, and it’s not enough. Especially in auric STGs and Maelstrom. Even with tactical reloads thrown in too.

@Overlord All I can say there is that my experience is different to yours. I find it to be more than enough most of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, the braced AGs are absolute beasts. I use them all the time at auric/maelstrom and tear it up. They’re just no good at long range. Thankfully, that’s really only an issue in a few select locations of a few select maps.