How I'd change sustained fire

Sustained fire current gives shot 2 and 3 in a salvo 15% more damage. That doesn’t feel like sustained fire to me.

I’d change it to something along the lines of “For every shot in a salvo, increase damage by 1 percent. Stacks up to 20 times.”

20% is a pretty large buff but if you want to keep that up you’re going to have to expend a decent portion of your ammo, at very best having around as many shots as it took to get there left. You also can’t break salvo. It would probably work better on automatic, high capacity, rapid fire weaponry. It might be a good idea to strip it from a few weapons like the revolver of the sustained fire blessing because how does one sustain fire with a five round revolver?

Thoughts? As it stands sustained fire just doesn’t have value on things like the columnus infantry autogun. I’m sure its a monster on that revolver though. Maybe change it on those kinds of weapons to something like “Short, Controlled Bursts”.


I like this a lot better! Also, please have the blessing define exactly what a salvo is. “Blessing resets if weapon is not fired or charged within 1 second of previous shot.”

You just invented “blaze away”.