Please Differentiate the Sutained Fire and Punishing Salvo Blessings

Honestly I’d prefer if the functionality was reversed for punishing salvo back to weak spot DMG on 2/3rd shots. But right now both being functionally the same while proccing only on 3rd and 4th shots only worsens the ammo economy for infantry autoguns. These were already in a shaky spot in terms of ammo reserves, the blessing plus the veteran tree changes has made them functionally unusable at higher level play.

Some alternate options to resolve the issue:

  • Retain the DMG increase for Sustained Fire, but revert the proc condition to the previous one.
  • Increase the modifier for Punishing Salvo to somewhere at or between 30-50% weakspot DMG at T4 under the previous proc conditions.
  • Alternatively, leave Sustained Fire as it is but change Punishing Salvo to proc on the first two shots.

With one or a combination of these changes you can retain the desired synergy while lessening the ammo economy burden. These options also have the added bonus of increasing the skill ceiling without altering the skill floor, and rewarding skill expression.

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