Lucky Bullet Proc Chance too low

I feel like it needs a much higher chance to proc to make it feel significant, really enabling the Ogryn to lay down heavy fire.


Yeah 8% or higher should be default without having to go invest even more into it, especially with this ammo shortage and future ammo nerfs to the rippers. ;_;


I support this fully. At minimum 10%, since that would indirectly increase your ammo availability by 1/10th, but 15% would feel amazing.


How about scale with continuous fire?

And there is a the case that the proc chance is just way too low for a class with THREE single shot ranged weapons. Needs a different proc scale for the Kickback, Rumbler and grenade gauntlet.

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I think that wouldn’t work with single shot weapons that well, a simple bump on the percentage might do the trick, perhaps scaling with how much ammo you’re missing or somesuch

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