WPoS, What do you think?

Ok I’ve gotta say the more I play WP the higher my estimation of him becomes. Just did a run of Cata with bots and to my immense surprise got the win first run (I am not the sort of player that regularly wins Cata bot solos by any means). I thought he’d be horrible to play solo with bots (I still think he’ll be extremely tough true solo) but with an opportunist flail n shield, prayer of might, empowered smite and trample ult he really does provide insane amounts of control with decent enough DPS.

I think I’m gonna have to make a thread about flail and shield. Am I alone in thinking it’s kind of an insane weapon? It’s so safe, generates so much temp health, and feels bizarrely fast even without swift slaying. The heavies just follow up so quick from one another that helicoptering your way around a map feels insanely effective.

One place in the run I feel like WP shone especially bright, was when I got an early monster and the bots wiped. I kind of assumed I was done, but with a conc pot, shield pushes, and the trample ult I just comfortably pushed to the next respawn spot and revived all the bots. At one point literally in a corner with a rat ogre and elites beating on me while I was in ult happily reviving everyone. I’m trying to think of how many other careers I could do that with, not many to my mind. Of course, some other careers could just wipe the monster out before it could be any kind of threat, but that’s a whole other matter…

I think where I’m at with the character at this point is seeing him as a classic case of a character who might seem unimpactful when the team is already comfortably dominating the content they’re playing, but who’s kit gives him the ability to make big plays when things go south, or prevent things going bad in the first place by virtue of being able to strategically go invincible and face tank/pull aggro of dense, dangerous groups or enemies. This allows his team mates a much easier time dealing with threats. Of course while he may facilitate a good team, he likely won’t hard carry a bad one, unlike high DPS careers can by virtue of quickly deleting all threats, so he’s bound to seem lacklustre to some. He could still use a little polishing up in a few areas, but all in all I’d say I like how he turned out a lot.


My thoughts as well. I love how he is strong in a non-selfish way. Having him around helps the team but not in a lame “deletes all the enemies for you so they can’t kill you anymore” way, but rather in a fun “enables you to kill the enemies better and protects you” way. And - very importantly - he’s also fun to play himself because you don’t feel like you’re just walking along to provide buffs, but instead you’re doing your job by brawling in the frontlines. His playstyle is great and it fits his lore / theme perfectly.

I think his overall design is thought out very well, and in the short time he’s out he’s already taken a spot as one of my favorite classes in the game. Having a blast with him! Great job Fatshark!


Flail+shield is amazingly strong. The WP is undoubtedly a great class but this doesn’t really become apparent until cata when crowd clearing becomes difficult for many other classes, and the clutch potential of WPs ult really gets utilised.

In this respect WP kinda reminds me of shielded weapons - they seem somewhat defecient on legend and below, but cata reveals their true strengths.


Ayy I found one thing I didn’t like.
Being cancelled while reviving someone despite being under ult.


Push immunity would be nice


I came back from vacation 2-3 days ago. I’m happy to replay my WPoS.
Glad to see his passive restore, I’m feeling the damage reduced now.

Regarding his build, I could not currently play with his ultimate double. Although it was great to protect someone and yourself, at the same time.

And finally, I think it has its place in a twitch cataclysm.

I’m playing GreatHammer + Hammer and Book.

The goal is to do the right sequences with the GreatHammer (H1> H2> L3 vs hords / L1> L2> H3 vs elites + special attacks from time to time)

Once under fury, I mainly only play with the Hammer and Pound. Why?

  1. I take the time which increases the damage of fury and his stagger.

  2. Hammer attack speed and pound and very powerful.

  3. You will stagger all enemies except bosses

  4. Damage under fury + light hammer and pound attacks do very good damage to bosses.

  5. An anti hords / Patrols:

  6. Loaded the book with special action

  7. Either push attack + H2 or L1> H2

The explosion under fury with the talent that increases the damage the stagger you will ravage groups of enemies or push them back.

(PS: Before each chaining, do not forget to reload the book! I STRONGLY advise against not doing the chaining if you have not loaded the book after each move!)


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The Warrior Priest has become my main Class to play. I’ve got into the perfect harmony with his Skills, especially with the Comets Gift. I have saved so many Team Members from afar within a second they fell to the ground or right after they took some major damage.
The only thing that takes alot of practice is to react immidiately when someone gets strongly damaged. It takes some skill to right up find the one player and negate the damage. It happend a few times that i accidently threw the shield onto someone too close to the one downed or damaged one. But it’s a damn saver for anyone that got pounced by an Assassin or grabbed by a Packmaster or Leech. The Shield Explosion saves you from the Assassin and Leech, which get interrupted by taking damage and all three, Assassin, Packmaster and Leech likely die from the Shields DoT afflicted to them. (Try to get +10% damage to Monsters on your trinkets, since the Packmaster counts as a Monster, to make sure he dies from the DoT).
I had many opportunities where i saw a Team Mate getting pounced or grabbed from afar and all it took was to use SoF on them and just turn my attention towards the ongoing Horde again. No need to breake away to run and help them, since the Shields damage in the end took care of all 3 enemy types.
I personally use the Concoction-Trait for Potions, so i can relyable drink any potion to refill the Skill meter in the heat of battle, so the shield is ready for the next emergency situation. And that helped me in a few stressful situations where 2 team members fell in short time but were to far away to reach them on foot in time. And if you run with a Grail Knight that generates a Strength Potion every 150 kills, you’ll never run out of Potions.
Also after a comfirming second test, Shield of Faith denys the Chaos Spawn from regenerating health if it starts to chew on a grappled Team Mate or Bot. If you see your Team Mate being grabbed by the Spawn, wait for the Animation where it wants to chew on them. Apply the Shield just before the first bite on them. It can’t heal itself if it does not inflict damage to them via the bite.

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I’ve discovered another interesting aspect of the “Comets Gift” Talent.
Apparently the Effect as it states in the Talent description “heals you by the ammount that lost within the last 3 seconds” does not mean it just resets you lost health by that ammount but actually heals you by said ammount. This ammount of health given back CAN be affected by Shalias Boon, healing you by +30% more than you have just lost. Same can be affected by Sister of Thorns passive +25% healing for the Group.

I’ve run with a friend quite early on a Map where i took some bits of damage until i kind of lost like 1/8th of my life. a bit later i took some massive damage from multiple hits down to like 25% health, activated Shield of Faith and suddenly was back at full health. it happend a second time to confirm my assumption.

So with Sister of Thorns and/or characters wearing Shalias Boon (+30% Health by Healing), anyone recieving a shield of faith after taking some larger damage, can be healed back way more from it than they had taken. But it is most effective only if you have mostly more than 50% of you life left, to take stronger hits to benefit from the extra health given back
(you know how % work)

Yea depending on how strong the hit was that downed the player it can fully give back a green HP bar even if they’re still down status. Which can be useful with natural bond or multiple players on downed status. Comet’s Gift is amazing to use.

The Player doesn’t have to be downed though. Best Szenario is when the team mate survives with more than 1% of their health and lost over 50% in short succession, that’s where the additional health given back shines the most. (if said player is under the effect of SoT or Shalias Boon).
But yeah, reviving someone with that can save them alot of green health, like even back to full health given how cut into pieces they got like by 3 Berserkers. Though they still need to heal themself to get rid of the wounds. And using a Medkit or Healpotion with more than 75% green health but wounded status almost seems like a waste of healing material just to get rid of the status; but in the same time it’s too risky to consider taking a few hits just to make the healpotion use its full potential. i guess it depends on how you can afford it.