WPoS, What do you think?

So, the community? What do you think of the new Victor?

I saw, some messages regarding a bug on his passive, which puts a DoT instead of taking 20% ​​damage but apparently the number would be higher, and it shows.

Other than that, my feelings:

I find it to be a good crowd control and support tank. Corn,

  1. No matter how much I test his arsenal of weapons, he really struggles against the elites.
    Bosses, I don’t even mention them, but that’s not his role.

  2. The hordes are fine, but we hardly kill anything, we control the crowd and the other players pick up what is there.

  3. When we find ourselves alone, it can be quickly complicated but our ultimate saves us, allowing us to redo the THP and control with the end explosion.

  4. Its huge “FURY” mode! I love it, it’s changing! You don’t press a button to demolish everything. But on the other hand, it’s really too LONG to edit, it’s very complicated and you can’t control it as you would like.

  5. We have the choice between 3 blessings.
    I’m having a hard time deciding which one to take, but I think it depends on the group. Usually I take the 25% more stagger.
    It goes really well with my build and it keeps everyone alive and allows some players to do better Breakpoint.

  • I really like this career but for me it needs some fixes / improvements.
  1. Fury: The bar goes up a “little bit faster” that will do us good and is reduced “a little more slowly”

  2. His passive that puts a DoT is quite lethal and requires damage reduction. We take too much with this DoT but that’s my impression.

  3. Can be a small damage improvement for these weapons, it only has hammers (and 1 flail) The “elite enemies” that I hit with one of my hammers, do well staggers with the right ones talent points / enchantments but it doesn’t go any further, when I hit it they sneeze :joy:

That’s all ^^
It would be perfect like that.

Do not hesitate to say what you think of my monologue and of you, your feelings about this career!

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I mainly play with the 2 handed hammer because I find it amazing.

  • L1 > L2 > H3 > Special removes any elite, save for a CW which needs a second rotation.
    I don’t really feel the 30% extra power against CW, perhaps the base weapons are just that weak as to not turn Zealot into a stupider version of what he already is and the 30% just brings them up to par.

  • H1 > H2 > L3 > repeat is a decent crowd clearing chain, with a ton of stagger cleave.

I agree that the Fury bar feels a bit off : it is a really nice mechanic and I do get some use out of it but it also happens at times that it fills up right when it’s not needed anymore. It also says that it lasts as long as you’re in combat but if the combat is not a dense horde, it depletes faster than it “refills”.

He does have low-ish damage though - and don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike it,- but that makes it a bit harder to benefit from From Fury, Fortitude that makes you heal your allies on kills during the fury.

Speaking of that talent, I find it quite well balanced, if a bit frustrating because of the fact that the powercrept rest of the game can basically delete any elite faster than you can get to it, and since other players don’t have a visual indicator that you’re in fury state (glowy hammer is only for you), they don’t leave them to you to get healed.

Prayer of Might is the only one I’ll be running I think, and with players running GS FK or Merc, or Flaming Flail UC it is absolutely bonkers.

The Unstoppable Force + Divine Excoriation combo seems like a nice one, but I’ve yet to try it out. I don’t think it’s amazing on Holy Hammer but it looks to be amazing control on Flail and Shield (Push Attack > Light attack (shield bash) > repeat)

Lastly I love the hammer and book mechanic, but I wish the dash on H1 were a tiny bit longer, that it would stop a bit farther from the target, and that it had some kind of dodge state. Not a pure dodge state per se, but I’ve eaten a couple of 180° overheads that didn’t make much sense. The fact that the empowered H2 has great stagger AoE but that it only deals damage to the main target (perhaps 1 extra but no more than that) also is great in my opinion.

He has new mechanics, brings a lot on the table, and yet he is amazingly fun to play as and to play with.

Now bring that damn salad elf down to this very reasonable power level you’ve shown you understand, FS :stuck_out_tongue:


I play with the double hammers + 2-handed hammer.

Double hammers against crowds, doing L1> L2> L3> H1. Thanks to talent points, the H1 after the 3 light attacks has 40% more power.

And suddenly, against the elites I do the same mechanics as you with the two-handed hammer.

But I really feel a lack of power.

Besides, speaking of the hammer and the book. Do you know how to challenge or hit 60 enemies in one attack? I tried twitch cataclysm but never succeeded.

Otherwise, in general these weapons lack a bit of damage. Increased from 1 to 2 additional damage points on hits, would be really nice.

And for fury, I take the best talent which not only increases our damage by 40% but also our flicker power.
But it is still too uncertain to be passive to manage.

I hope they will make some small changes soon. As for SoTt when she came out, 1 week later they change a talent point.

I hope to see a change next week on him, on what I wrote. It would do him the greatest good

THIS. So much this. Please do something to bring elf back in line.


The WP is a proper support career, as in you need an actual team to support. If you have a co-frontliner than can kill things aside of bonking them and if you have someone on the back-line who can point and shoot at meaningful targets instead of the back of your head, then it can be a pretty fun experience. But if either of those are lacking, you are in for a sad time as he can’t do jack squat on his own, at least not in the context of Cataclysm expeditions where I had all of my testing with and around him. Just pointing out that overnerfing the ability to kill stuff across the board could lead to very miserable times. Cata expos in particular are already bad enough as is if you don’t have a whole group dedicated to monster damage.

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I definitely feel that 30% power vs super armor when using the holy 2h hammer. Feels similar to hitting a CW with a 2h as grail knight.

That’s really about it, though, without specific talents his raw damage is on par with IB until fury triggers.

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8/10 Tank/Support - would need an on-demand Boss/Chaos Warrior Stagger/Stun for him to get a 10.

Build I’m playing now:
Flail and Shield
1H Mace + Book (for mobility. escaped Chaos Patrol to a drop spot with it. Special Attack lets you charge up a Heavy attack while moving, so you can always get some on-demand mobility)

He actually feels balanced and not like he’ll solo the game. The Crit% stacking build looks like it will be fun in Cata+. Haven’t tried it yet.

When Righteous Fury procs while you’re spamming Heavies with the Flail, it feels good.

Playing him like Zarya, and it’s pretty good.

E.g. shield your Melee clear early in Elite density, so they can spam attack without having to do anything defensive.


  • Flail and Shield is insane.
  • Mace and Shield is Mace and Shield.
  • Dual Hammers are Dual Hammers.
  • 1H Mace is still a bit meh, but the 1H Mace+Tome is really good.
  • 2H Mace is good. Hopefully it doesn’t give Zealot, who’s already brokenly good, power creep.

His Talents have some good tradeoffs, with losing Stamina, and he actually has a lot of viable choices.

  • Shielding both you and someone else on Ult feels like the better Ult in general, but the others are still competitive
  • The level 25 row is really strong and interesting to decide comps with

Saltz was the only Character I didn’t really enjoy, but I’m really enjoying WPoS.


I haven’t played him extensively yet, but so far my feelings are a little mixed. I’m glad he’s not overbearing, and a lot of his kit is pretty interesting, yet I feel quite underwhelmed playing him at the moment and I think there are 2 main reasons for this.

1 is his currently bugged implacable passive, I’ll say he definitely doesn’t feel particularly tanky with only an effective 4% damage reduction at the moment. When this is fixed I imagine it will feel significantly better, since not being able to die to implacable dot is quite useful.

2 is that Righteous Fury doesn’t feel like it’s up when I need it a lot of the time. Just a touch more control over activation would go a long way.

Apart from that he’s pretty cool and interesting. Will have to play him more, especially once Implacable is fixed to form a better opinion of him. He’s definitely not a great experience with bots, so once I can get my usual group together again I imagine I’ll get more enjoyment out of him.


Definitely not my career of choice after getting the playtime/testing but I do have to say aesthetic wise its probably the best career by a good mile.

First off I’m glad it does not feel like SoTT out of the gate. The weapons at least so far feel very balanced or even bad to certain extend so the career won’t be absolutely deleting everything with a nuclear powered bow.
The support aspect can be really impactful but not to the extend that I feel like it negates any timing or skill from the abilities. (Ultimate with heal talent is really nuts if timed well)

Overall I like it so far balance wise, but personally it does not tick my fancy for the long run. Lack of ranged options is something that I feel really hurts this career especially hard due to lack of insane melee dps steroids that something like GK/slayer gets.
There are also some aspect like his righteous fury that feel bit too random activation wise or how Implacable damage reduction is bugged but those are something that can be easily tweaked and fixed later on.

But yeah honestly at least solid 8-9/10 from me. Was not really expecting this after what happened with SoTT so I’m glad to be proven wrong.


1.use the bonkbook
2. store a heavy in bonk book
3. light bonk → heavy bonk an elite



I just played this build and it’s really fun.

Wonder what AoE damage the overhead does on Hordes, and whether Righteous Fury works with it.

Deals close to no AoE damage, it’s all stagger I believe

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I do not recommend this point of talent, I tried it on several parts in cataclysm with different weapons and no, it does not work. Because it’s up to Victor to kill the elite, if another player kills the elite, you don’t have the stack.
it will still depend on the group that Victor has.

For example, if there is a SoTt, forget this talent point ^^

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The hammer and the book have unique attacks. But really disappointed that under fury, the H2 does no damage in multi-target but simply “pushes” the enemies.

By the way, a few then passed the challenge of the 60 enemies hit with? I can’t do it …

people think the bonkbooks 2H is similar to sienna flail H1 but it is not its to smite elites, the aoe stagger is a bonus that keeps you safe

There is no progress bar, so idk… I think I’ve hit more than 60 now, perhaps it’s a matter of killing or headshotting, or maybe just H1, not H2 ?

Holy Warrior is the one that confuses me the most : 50 melee kills in 8 seconds ?

Clumping up a trash wave vote on twitch mode would be a good way to do it I guess.

In fact, yesterday I took a long time to understand. I went solo legend + deed more hords. I used that hammer + book. And I almost did that charge attacks but never had the challenge.

In fact, for the challenge, you have to hit 60 enemies in “1 SINGLE SHOT”. What complicates the task, or do that? There would be the Twins event, that would have been ok. But here I don’t know … Apart from a cata deed + twitch.

But there, I made parts with hammer with 2 hands + flail and shield. It was really cool and enjoyable. I could smash elites and hordes alike more easily.

The choice of talents remains to be seen. The level 10 one that increases the power of charged and cool attacks, but now that I can beat the elites, the one that increases crit might be okay? But on the other hand you can constantly have your power bonus.

Then, the choice between Smiter, Mainstay or Power … I tried all 3, and I feel I can do it better with Power.

Can’t hit 60 enemies in one heavy attack, just no

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