WPoS, What do you think?

I assumed when you said

that you were talking about the hammer and tome, which does have 2 charge states - my bad.

That being said, I don’t think you need another charge state for Holy Great Hammer, as L1 > L2 > H3 will delete any elite in Cataclysm, adding another L1 > L2 for Chaos Warriors.

Wait what?

Yeah, heavy with and without AoE.

But does it have extra damage ?! :thinking:

I’m pretty sure it does but I have no certainty

You mean first attack that thrusts you forward and then the overhead charged upon second right? I though you were saying that i can make overhead charged withou aoe.

I don’t currently know the actual stats of the new weapons, but from feel I’d say their damage is already very good. It is WP himself who lacks damage steroids (not saying this is an issue, to be clear). I’m sure Zealot kills very fast with 2h hammer, though I haven’t played him since the update.

Regardless unless someone actually knows the weapon stats at this point it’s pretty hard to have a meaningful discussion about their damage output.

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Yes, you can make a charged attack without charging the book fully.

The rush attack just lacks the rush but does the same damage. Charged 2 lacks the AoE but does the same single target damage. And both partially charged attacks consume your stacks from Rising Judgement.


Thanks, didnt know that, i was always charging it into full.

i dont know why so many players are complaining about his damage and that he is not capable to carry the team. You can stagger a CW with tome charged heavy attack out of his overhead and kill CWs on cata with 3 hits. Furthermore you can kill SV with
1 charged tome attack and sometimes if they are still alive you only need an additional light attack, same with maulers. In addition you can stagger savage guys with tome and hammer light attack out of their chain attack.

my set up is : hammer&tome: with power vs chaos and attack speed + opportunist
charm: power vs chaos and power vs armoured

  • 25% stagger talent
    also i run smiter (which should be selfexplaining with hammer&tome)

He is fun to play. But honestly i don’t think i would choose a warrior priest over WHC or BH on cata or modded.
And if i needed a tank i wouldn’t choose him either.
I guess he is pretty average and fun to play from time to time :slight_smile:

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I’d choose WP for Damage Negation and Crowd Control purposes for the squishies. There are already enough Monster-killers or Elite-Snipers.
I’d even play IB with the Flamethrower purely for melting Hordes away while the rest focuses on Specials and Elites.

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Was running some Cata duos with him tonight and I enjoy him more the more I use him. Definitely coming to appreciate how strong he is against Chaos Pats. With 8 second Ult I chugged a speed pot, ulted, killed 3 CWs and took the majority of the aggro before the ult ended, they then charge righteous fury so fast I immediately got righteous fury up as the ult ended, then killed several more and the team ended up getting healed about half their health bar with green health so though we did burn some pots the encounter went extremely smoothly and we ended up with significantly more health than we went in with.

He’s just a lot of fun, though I would still like to see Righteous Fury tweaked in some way. It still feels very mixed to me in terms of when it is up.


It really good the WPoS.
He has the most control in the game with the 2-handed hammer, nothing stops him except bosses.

He’s a tank for me, a tank that can perfectly protect himself and these allies. Whether against hordes, specials like SV / CW patrols.

With the right breakpoint, you can stop 3 CW with the 2-handed hammer. Who says better ? Ultimates aside, he does this with a weapon and deals damage.
I kill CW in 4 attacks!
Not bad for a support tank?

Can you offer a 25% offset to your team? It’s also huge because it makes it easier for everyone to survive.

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Which talents/breakpoints do you need for that? I assume you’re talking about cata

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I think WP is good fun so far. One thing stands out to me though…
Why does the Greathammer have the punch for both push attack and special attack? Absolutely love the punch, but I’d rather have a more useful push attack.


Yea I was mulling that over earlier while using it, bad muscle memory from other hammers really punishes in this case (the other hammers provide control and staggering sweeps with their push attacks). They could have gone a similar route to the war pick if they wanted a single target move.

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I have some questions i wonder if someone knows the answer?
Does Enemy of Chaos power increase only affects damage or even stagger?
What is the interaction between implacable and barkskin on the 20% delayed damage?

I’m also interested in this, i didn’t notice 2hh cleaving superarmor.

Just damage unfortunately. Heaven forbid FS actually use the right words in their talent descriptions.

Little to none. Implacable dot does not trigger barkskin. Boon all the way for this tanky boy.


Well… that’s a bit disappointing, maybe fair balancewise, but effectively limiting build diversity.
I’m still not able to have an opinion on Wpos, the chad is cool, new weapons introduced are good but a little bit sad that has access only to hammers and only the zealot can get a piece of that. I think flail and shield and dual hammers wouldn’t make a BH broken, dual hammers and 2hh on Whc could be very interesting.
Another problem i have is that just a fxxxing talent choice of an ironbraker makes him immune to disablers on a 20 seconds cooldown but one ultimate of a BAChaosF blessed by Sigmar doesn’t free him from a puny rat with wooden stick.

I did some testing and it’s possible to make the ult stagger packmasters but it’s an absurd investment to reach. However 2 power properties or 1 property + EP ensures the Ult dot will kill the packmaster on Cata. I made a thread recently about the testing you can check out if you wanna know the stagger breakpoint.

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