Why is Shield Ogryn Hated?

An ogryn (played well) would (like a zealot) just ult into the ranged units and melee them to death, before they even start to shoot.

Same problem with many shield ogryns during hordes: instead of just slapping the enemies around, the ogryn stands there, blocking and effectively not existing.

Problem with defensive weapons like the shield is, that people use them just defensively.
Even a defensive weapon should mostly be used for offense.
Same thing always: necessary amount of defense, maximum possible amount of offense.

Wow sounds like it would have been extremely helpful if you’d brought a real weapon and actually targeted those threats yourself rather than sitting with shield planted sucking your thumb.

Heck maybe they were too overwhelmed by melee trash to deal with those key targets because one of their team mates wasn’t contributing at all to clearing. Especially since snipers and bombers can both mostly be danced around using cover while you clear the horde then can be easily and safely dealt with once there isn’t a poxwalker tide crashing in on you from all sides.


I’m in NA but I appreciate the offer!

By the Emprah, is there a missing /s here?
Do you think planting the shield magically draws aggro to you? Sounds like all you did was turn that quartet (4) team into a trio (3).
Even if you were chaining heavy attacks, with the right feats and blessings, you could have at least controlled the situation, to allow your team to get those sniper/bomber/flamer threats you mentioned; instead you chose to turtle up.
Sounds to me like you actively contributed to the team’s wipe and they probably would have fared better with a bot.

Time to rethink your game…

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This post is the very reason why the hate on ogryns with shield.

Case closed doc, we can close the topic.


It’s just objectively not a good weapon that promotes a rather passive playstyle.
You can charge shooters all you want.
But 1/ they will break your stamina, and 2/ they will shoot you in the back/side once you reach CQC

The weapon probably needs to have a default Aggro boost, but then it could become too overbearing.

Ah, and killing is better than pushing to the floor :laughing:


Agreed but most of ogryns melee moves just throw stuff around before it dies. Lots of times ogryn and sometimes psyker knock enemies behind me while I’m in melee with them and cause me to take a hit to the back. Its a bit annoying but they are trying to help you when it happens so what can you say. Another guy recently was talking about how ogryns melee moves should one shot trash and I 100% agree with him on that.

Anything humanoid that gets hit with anything the ogryn has in melee would be dead instantly and that includes slab shield but fatshark got to balance I guess. Pretty sure just a backhand slap from an ogryn would take most peoples head off tbh

Let’s keep it civilised. You were not there and cannot possibly know and personal attacks like that are never warranted. Your responses to my posts earlier were much more civilised even though we clearly don’t agree on how useful the shield is.

If there is one clumped together group then this works, but if three are other shooters in the area this can just leave you wide open to be shot to pieces by other ranged. So this is highly situational. I find that positioning is everything regardless of the weapon that I choose

I also carry a stubbed because ranged trash, gunners and shotgunners, is by far the biggest threat to me. The stuff that the stabber cannot handle I can handle up close and personal. With that said, I’m experimenting. I might change my mind.

I’d love to play with some of you nay-sayers to see if everything is really as terrible as you make it out to be. I promise I won’t plonk the shield down but I’m always looking to improve, and that naturally includes switching weapons.

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This is the correct response.

I’m sorry but that guy’s post lacks a frustrating amount of self-awareness, and then he goes on to blame the rest of the team? C’mon man…

My brother in Rations, I’d strongly urge you to try a Rumbler, GGauntlet, MK5 Ripper or even a kickback to fill this role.

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This is a misconception that is easy to understand. While it FEELS like you are tanking ranged, you actually aren’t. Based on the way the games AI works, most of the shooters will disengage you and re-engage other players after one blocked volley. Additionally, and this is just plain stupid, NPC’s can shoot THROUGH you in this game so you aren’t even effective cover.

The fact is that the shield was VERY poorly implemented. I am not sure why they didn’t just hold it back with the rest of the unfinished content.


Isn’t that the problem though? If you have to say that you will never plop down the shield, then it clearly stinks. The fact is the thing is an awesome concept but they completely bungled the implementation. It does not need a balance pass, it needs a complete re-tool.


That’s pretty stupid if they can fire through the shield. I have been shot by multiple gunners before and it seemed like they were hitting the shield a lot. I got the blocking damage penance done by doing this.

Maybe the shield should count as cover against enemy fire and block the enemies from walking through you.

I’d also say deployed shields should increase the amount of aggro you draw to make them more powerful at tanking for the team.

Yep. If enemies couldn’t walk through us it’d at least have some niche use in completely blocking entrances or hallways. But nope, they just noclip right through us when they see our teammates.

Shield or not this should change.


Low Intens Damnation.
Another new Shieldgryn convinced he’s helping spamming only light swings, sat there blocking far too often, says he’s drawing aggro even when told it doesn’t. He was CONVINCED he was helping.
Rest of the time he facetanks w/ stubber, runs right in front of 2 vets most of the time, grabs all the ammo , small and big etc. etc. At the end boss of magistrati oubliette didn’t even help w/ hordes so the vet had to clear em. It was a LOOONG fight and dreg shooters came down that I’ve never seen before.

This guy fit the meme to a tee, as an ogryn lover, don’t be this guy. THIS is why people hate shield ogryns, makes for a frustrating game. I think they may all be reading those terrible internet “guides”.


  1. Guess which one was the shield ogryn.
  2. Guess what the shield ogryn did the whole time.

That is why they are hated.
Because 90% of the “effectively non existing participations” are committed by shield ogryn.

Everyone was in the mission from start to finish.
Nobody joined late. Nobody disconnected. Nobody went AFK.

One person got killed while fighting a bulwark right next to the ogryn, who had plonked his shield down.
Of course, the shield does not cause these people, but it enables their “playstyle”.


Do you remember what ranged weapon he had?

Single shot BOOM stick i think. But not entirely sure.
Not the GG and not a MG.

Edit: Just to make clear, i am not entirely sure, because the weapon barely got used.


You know, even before your clarification edit, this is what I read it as.
How sad is that?

I think the problem is that a lot of those guides seemed to be tuned to Malice and for that difficulty yeah, most of the time the shield isn’t awful. A lot of your swings will kill things and you feel like you are doing something by blocking things. The first time they find out you can tank a DH you feel like a god but a lot of them don’t understand that once you get above malice things have more hp and you generally need to be doing damage to clear things out as well as to activate skills / buffs / pull pressure off the team.

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