Frustration with playing Ogryn is growing

Half of playing on Heresy+ consists of either sprinting and dodging like crazy in order not to get shot (and often get shot anyway) and tie shooters in melee or putting my shield down and waiting for shooters to either die or stop. I want to be tankish but the game will not let me.


Shield is incredibly boring in my opinion. I only ever use it for helping people with penances. Have you tried more aggressive play instead? Still need to sprint, dodge and engage ranged enemies in melee, but more intense and more high risk/reward.


I’ve played with knife (mark 3 I think?) on Malice. It’s fun, but I like shield and I think it is an important part of Skullbreaker’s gameplay, plus the ability to hold off enemy semi-indefinitely is very powerful in the right situation. If you do fine without it then cool, more power to you, I just think I’d do even worse without it.

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I also do not like the shield. I grant it’s god tier, but it’s not fun. It locks you down, blocks your view, makes you weak in melee. It does let you tank fairly well, and being such a big target you need that extra defense past malice.

Cover is harder to find which you can completely hide behind when you are this big.

I’d really like to tank some other way that allows me to still be active. Armor? A void shield? I dunno, those might be weird in this context. I’d kind of like to beat down a crusher and take his outfit.

But whatever it is, I’d like to see something other then the shield to address the problem of being a big target.


Tanking isn’t really a thing in the Tide games. Certain characters are more tanky and you can certainly help manage aggro and spacing with pushes and cc, but not in the traditional class holy trinity of other RPGs. As such the shield feels like a trap, while the cleaver mk3 with toughness on chained attacks is great for killing and being more tanky as you can keep your toughness high. There is definitely a split around ogryn mains right now between shield OP and needed, and shield is noob trap git gud. I tend to lean towards the latter side of things as mobility right now is the king stat. You’re going to get shot to pieces at high difficulties, but honestly so is everyone else and if you stack HP curios you’ll at least have enough hp to continue fighting after


Let’s see what those 2 new weapons will change in ogryn philosophy of “smashin” for thaa Emperor :wink: I think a 100 more shield on ogryn would do a good job yes he got things to replenish it & he have godlike HP but still is big & easy to hit & if you want to encourage more players to harder difficulties I think it would only do good for the ogryn player’s overall. You know they should be tanky they should get more dmg mitigation as passive or more toughness[duno first or the second or both xD would be for better].

Ogryns usually rely a lot on teamwork in Heresy & damnation especially as non of their ranged weapons “do real damage” to carapace* & only 2 of his melee weapons can pierce it for now.

*I always said that twinlinked should have variants & mayby the other variant should have explosive ammo alike bolter but with some cons like a bigger spread or would be able to shoot only when braced etc. the thing would never do crits just like a bolter.

The grenadier gauntlet does great damage to carapace and is only outclassed by the bolter for killing crushers / maulers

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My frustration playing with ogryns is growing too, 7/10 ogryn players have no positional awareness whatsoever and are always blocking shots.


I really despise grenade gauntlet… overly it’s not bad but it’s also “anticlimactic” for the in gameplay as “we” use them only as way to shoot from afar & hide again to reload [usually]… but for “true ogryn” it would be mostly one use only before forgetting about it & charging the enemy line & that is the thing that yes is good for staying alive on [damnation & heresy] behind lil ones & acting like sniper & not doing the things that should you do as a ogryn.

Duno if most of you will even understand what I mean & will only think about how effective it is to stay far & just toss multiple grenades & reload.But that’s not the gameplay that I wished for… in DT.

It;s the same as on sharpshooter some weapons are good to Malice but later there is meta because Fatshark done crap in weapons department & crafting[…or Hedge]


After I got used to playing very aggressively I got into a really good swing with the cleaver in heresy, didn’t get around to damnation

On damnation there is more spawns of specials … like you can have 3x of the same type like dog’s ,snipers , grenadiers… & of course all other as there can be a lot more specials & elites. usually it’s slow moving & pushing when you can & getting to good choke point when you pull some enemy to make it easier to clear difficult part like bridges or alike where you can get easy tossed to hang on or alike… if your team dont have good ranged response for carapace[at least one person] or like 2 psykers[ I love playing with 2 psykers in team especially as ogryn].

I find the GG to be really useful for picking off a couple specials / knocking shooters down before moving in for aggresive action. But at the same time, the zealot is designed to dive the back line, the ogryn is designed to protect the veteran/psyker. If you’re way down range blocking lines of sight you’re hindering your team, especially on damnation. It doesn’t feel great to have to play a cover shooter on that difficulty, but when a single non-special shooter can remove your toughness in 2 salvos, there really isn’t a lot else you can do

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It is more of a thing here than in Vermintide because of the ranged enemies. As Ogryn, I feel like it is my duty to try to try and disable shooters by running into them and forcing them into melee, thus taking the heat off the lil’ uns. Shield helps to do that when rushing in isn’t viable. That being said, you did make me feel like giving the knife another try.

This, I hate that so fricking much. Shooters are overtuned. They force you to play a Tide game in a non-Tide way.

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Gonna give myself some credit and say that I try my best to stay out of people’s line of sight. What I usually do is move myself to the enemies’ side so that shooters have a clear line of fire.

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You really need a good cleaver with at least one Toughness recovery blessing on it. Shield can work, even the basic club, but the cleaver has the right balance of attack speed, stagger and damage imo. Then it’s all about how you approach the enemy.

You’re the biggest baddest boi around (for the most part) and have to play like it to avoid obscene damage that can come with higher difficulties. Focus on tying up riflemen and gunners first by breaking from cover and running them down. If there’s several rows of ranged enemies when you charge: DO NOT STOP AT THE FRONT. Push all the way through to the back row, stomping and smacking anyone along the way, just don’t let them tie you up until you have all their ranged units tied up in melee with you.

Don’t hesitate to mix up your targets when you’re krumping. Go back and forth staggering threats that won’t go down right away so units like Reapers don’t have downtime to spin up their guns.

I also recommend using either grenade launcher to keep enemies off balance while moving around. You won’t always be able to close the distance before they open fire, but if they’re laid out on the floor because you blew them up, you’ll buy yourself some time to get in there.

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This is the way.


Didn’t ask for advice, I know what I’m doing and I’ve said at least once that what I do as ogryn is mostly taking the fight to enemy shooters so that they can’t shoot but okay, thanks.

Edit: pretty sure I’ve got a good cleaver, will give it a try on Heresy. The one I own has a crowd-kill combo that is, if memory serves, light attack > heavy attack, and returns 10% Toughness on multiple kills, so that’s nice.

Didnt mean to direct any of my comments specifically at you, just sharing my experiences.

Okay, no problem. As for cleaver, pretty sure I’ve got a good one, will give it a try on Heresy. The one I own has a crowd-kill combo that is, if memory serves, light attack > heavy attack, and returns 10% Toughness on multiple kills, so that’s nice.

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