Frustration with playing Ogryn is growing

I agree that the grenade gauntlet is overall a better option but heavy stubbah also has some merit. It allows you to clear hordes fast, and yes, sometimes that is actually important, it’s the fastest way for you to kill unarmoured/lightly armoured elites (even has a nice bonus of staggering them, so you can dakka those dregs away at your leisure) and it also offers a very decent suppressive fire. Pretty sure I’ve completed Damnation using heavy stubber, it’s not a useless weapon.

I don’t think any of the Ogryns weapons are useless, they just have a lot of tradeoffs between them. The shield can be absolutely valid as long as you’re not being passive with it, and each of his ranged options has their place and strengths. With our current available weapons and talents, we have great horde potential and above average special sniping. I play my ogryn very similar to how I played footknight in VT2. Melee for horde clear (god I miss my executioners sword), and I use the GG like you would the rifle (quick head pop on a high priority special. I tend to stay towards the middle of the group to avoid blocking my teams shots, and then use my ulti when its time to get in and dirty. If the opportunity arises to get into the shooters I will usually take it as long as I’m not rushing to my death. It seems to work well and feels pretty good. Its definitely not tanking though, it feels more like battlefield control than anything else

I personally like more the ripergun the one that have 480+ dmg… really fast shooting after switch , good horde clear & decent range …not to mention it shreds the bosses & works really fine on shield on assasination.

got Golden version with stager on kill (III) & power increase (III) the longer you shoot with maniacs 25% & 20% for flak. Only bad thing about it is it dont go thro carapace armor…still not gonna change it for any of other for now ;D

As for shield I love to take a corner where there is a lot of shooters & a bit in front of the team that shooters focus me & me teammates can freele shoot anything without worry :wink: gna see if maul gonna change my mind on melee weapon choice x)

Just give the shield the same hitbox as the enemy ogryns, even if it ain’t raised, -like the enemy ogryns-!


What exactly are you expecting here? To be able to just freely soak hits? Yes, you do need to dodge hits if you’re not just being useless a shield wall, even ogryn can’t get shanked by 50 people with knives at once. Shove, dodge, slash, repeat. When in doubt lob grenades. Ogryn can be obscenely tanky when played properly. Ogryns are kings of melee tanking, zealots for ranged tanking. Ogryns are roughly equal to zealots at hybrid tanking (ranged and melee enemies) when set up properly (Much like zealots need to be set up to ranged tank in the first place). Ogryns also excel at holding a choke point, if they decide enemies aren’t allowed through, they’re not getting through.

While I agree that this ain’t a trinity MMO with a tank/healer/DPS, Ogryn does need some “tank utility” to his kit. I’m currently getting well into Heresy difficulty, it is hard and I love it. But I do question why I even try to make Ogryn work on that difficulty. I can sum up the issues with:

  • Enemies at range quickly shred your shield and they are precise and fast about it.
  • Ogryn has no to little cover to utilize.
    And the combo of those two factors means that Ogryn will constantly take damage, with little counterplay to do.
    Often we come to an open arena and I just have to sit in the back and wait, bc I will instantly get bursted down if I try to advance, and if I can hit them with a Rumbler/Stubber, they for sure can hit me with their 30 lasguns.
    Ogryn needs something that can take the initial pain away, so the damage he receives feels more like “death by a thousand cuts”. That can be that he gets a brief but high damage reduction whenever his toughness breaks or a heavier flat reduction to ranged attacks.

He feels good in melee (despite lacking a tad of damage imo, but I can live with it) and I agree with you that he is melee king in the sense that he can just handle hordes like no other.
But sadly hordes never feel like an issue for the team and mostly it is the ranged threats, which are numerous, that always pose an issue.

You can deal with ranged enemies as well, both with your own ranged and melee.

Confident strike on your weapon makes a huge difference. Also don’t bother trying to obsess over heavy melee attacks, they’re a trap.

I’m not ignorant about high difficulty ogryn, I play exclusively on damnation.

Ogryn isn’t the issue, it’s people not adapting to the difficulty. It’s relatively rare for me to go down and if I do it’s because of exactly what you mentioned, death by a thousand cuts. Also worth noting I don’t use the bleed damage reduction either, so it’s not like I’m reliant on that to survive either. (I prefer the 25% per downed player for salvaging runs/damage reduction when it’s usually most needed) You’re a chonky boi and your health is a resource for you to use, especially with the baseline 3 wounds even on higher difficulties.

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Sorry if it came around as I was implying you were ignorant about high-level runs, it was just to reflect my own experience and downfalls of the Ogryn, my apologies.
But yes, I do agree, heavy feels like a scam and cleaver seems like king for that reason, sucha good weapon.
Nevertheless I still think he could use a little more love, bc sadly this game is not always melee encounters and often stupid damage comes outta nowhere for Ogryn.

But thanks for the insight.

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Cheers for not instantly getting on the defensive/considering what I said :upside_down_face: (Really, not being sarcastic, too often people online won’t even actually consider that there’s other sides/opinions/stuff to learn)

Eh, I don’t think that’s an ogryn specific issue, that can happen to any class. See: loloneshooter totally deleting over 100 toughness on my zealot (Even with the zealot passive toughness damage reduction + feat for 15% more). Ranged enemies in general just need a general tuning pass to be less frustrating for everyone who isn’t a knife zealot or a veteran.

It’s become a huge issue with a lot of ogryn players claiming shields are necessary or you just die, which simply isn’t true. I do think ogryn has a surprisingly high skill floor on higher difficulties for sure, they’re not just “lolbigdumbbasicclass” like people think. Knowing how to bounce around enemies so you don’t screw over your allies (Please people! Don’t fire the grenades in ways that knock them behind the team! flips desk), when you can approach, how survivable you are with your particular feats/weapon/blessings, etc. There’s a lot more… ‘meta’ play to ogryn than other classes due to being the flex unit on the team.

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Hahah, you are welcome, internet sure was a mistake for the most parts :b
Yeah, shooty men are bonkers, I think it is a mix of them being able to line up and shoot with high precision that really pushes them over the edge. Especially bc their LoS readings are REALLY good, resulting in getting shot thru two cracks at 100m distance. It is simply too oppressive for non-Call of Duty man (Vets).

My playgroup and I have come to the same conclusion, Ogryn is truly the big brian role, which could be seen as a “failure of class fantasy”, but I prefer to have more fun and engaging gameplay over “he is supposed to play simple, bc he is simple”.
And while there is a lot of meta to the Ogryn I do feel the feats and weapons are quite limiting in what is viable, rn I think Stubber, Rumbler, Cleaver and Shield feel like the only real viable options for him and that are the only to bring him up to be able to manage level 4+ difficulty.
Especially bc to my knowledge and understanding of the game, the Gauntlet is bugged and doesn’t deal the right explosion damage.
Usually, I also feel like I end up lacking some damage in general, not that I’m the main damage dealer, but it does make me ask “why bother with Ogryn, when the best CC is killing enemies” ofc the answer is bc “he is fun”, just wished there were a little more “oomph” to his role.

I think Ogryn should shoot more, not melee in Heresy+ difficulty. Getting close to ranged mobs is easy when they are not spread, but if they are spread already, it’s hard to survive for Ogryn. This job is for Zealot. (even Zealot in high difficulty with high crit build, this kind of thing is not recommended)

I prefer to stay with team, and shoot Rumbler to knock down shooters for my Zealot, shoot 2 ~ 3 grenade then I charge after Zealot, or dedicated to defend our shooters side or back.

His survival talents is hard to pop up, because his heavy attack has long wind-up time. I don’t know what was the designer’s thought, but it’s just not efficient, he leads charge.

If I am the only one melee class, I occasionally charge, but it’s not good for your health anyway, because of shooters that you didn’t see, and shotgunners who don’t want to engage melee.

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About explosion, I don’t think it’s not bug. There’s stat about epicetre radius. GG has smaller epicetre radius compared to Rumbler.

If you see the link to the bug report, I shoot well close to the target for it to be in the epicenter radius (didn’t show it in the video, but it was about 1.4m), more so the damage falloff is laughable bad for any explosives. It works like this:
Targets in Epicenter Radius receive 100% damage.
Targets outside take 10% of that damage.
Instead of being incremental, it is just “Yes/no” condition, that gauntlet dealt 20 damage to the fodder enemies on malice if they weren’t a direct hit, that is only 1/4th of the damage needed to kill -the weakest enemy in the game-.

One thing I would like to charge for the slab shield is to add a guard point when winding up the 2nd heavy attack (the shield back hand) like the knight sword in V2. The animation has it so that it looks like the shield is covering almost all of your body already.

Eh, I used a club for quite a while perfectly fine, same for a shovel. Grenade Gauntlet is also fine. Stubber and shield are… there. I honestly think they’re pretty bad personally. (Stubber might be better since the buffs, I’ll admit I haven’t used it since)

Usually, I also feel like I end up lacking some damage in general, not that I’m the main damage dealer, but it does make me ask “why bother with Ogryn, when the best CC is killing enemies” ofc the answer is bc “he is fun”, just wished there were a little more “oomph” to his role.

Ogryn is an enabler/carry role. My smoothest runs are by far on ogryn. He’s not the absolute best at any one thing damage wise but he’s definitely good at the most things, while having the best CC options. Why play ogryn? You control the battlefield. Best CC is things being dead, but you can only kill things so fast. Enemies knocked on their ass don’t kill you.

I thought just GG’s epicentre is too small.

I tested this with my 80% radius GG, and 39% radius GG. I shot GG at in front of target’s feet, closer than your video, but not direct hit. 80% deals 167, 39% one deals 40~ish damage (I shot 39% one even closer to target than 80% one). Damage isn’t fixed at 40 when your enemy is out of epicentre, I saw there’s 1~3 damage too when I tested 80% one. So damage is decremental.

What I think how these explosion work is, 100% damage when direct hit, up to 75% damage reduction depends how far from centre of explosion til limit of epicetre, then 90% damage reduction enemy is just in radius, but out from epicentre, then damage reduction depends how far from centre of explosion. So there’s “Yes/No” condition but damage is decremental. depends how far from centre of explosion.

Maybe this small epicetre is bug itself, anyway I use Rumbler in high difficulty because of this small radius.

You can look at EXACT the GG epicenter radius if you inspect the weapon in the menu. And most is around 1.5-1.9m. Which is in my clip I do shoot the enemy within.
And no it aint fixed, but the damage gets reduced by aprox 90-95% as soon it aint a direct hit, even if it would be right outside the epicenter.

122 hours in and I sigh every time I see a shield ogryn on heresy or higher. I… understand that you think you’re helping, and maybe sometimes it is mildly helpful, but outside of some rather niche situations the only thing you’re doing by plonking your shield down in the middle of a room is taking away one player slot that could have gone to someone who would actually help clear things. No, drawing the attention of a handful of poxwalkers is not helping to clear things. The shield COULD be useful if it had an innate taunt ability; without such an ability, it’s simply not as valuable as a weapon that can actually clear things.

I don’t mind players trying to do stuff like tank; if there were suitable abilities and weapons in the game for it, I’d welcome it. But what we have right now is a hindrance and a new player trap. It looks cool and feels satisfying to drop that huge shield, but you aren’t contributing even a tenth of what a bull butcher ogryn is.


I don’t think I can see exact ‘m’ sign if I am not wrong. I can see some number when I put my mouse on ‘Blast radius stat’, GG has 0.5~1.75 epicentre radius. It doesn’t say meter. So I can’t be sure these number works linearly or exponentially.

At least from my test of 2 GGs, wider epicentre has more splash radius than narrower one.

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My favorite Ogryn weapon is Bully Club, followed by bull cleaver. Bully club can deal with carapace, and meme bulwarks with the current bleed through shield shenanigans meaning you can easily cover all armored units in melee. For chaff you have the Light - Heavy sweep that does ok damage, and staggers everything. With the bleed attached you get goofy DR to slap stuff around