Why is Shield Ogryn Hated?

Seriously, just a few weeks back the shield was considered the only real viable weapon for the Ogryn.

Ever since the crafting patch everytime I try to run the shield I ALWAYS get at least one dude that says “Either the Ogryn gets kicked or I leave” or “lmao why are you using a shield”. Which is funny because I usually end up carrying them or revive them seven times per firefight.

But what really irks me is that I have never seen so much sudden hate towards a weapon. To the point of even wanting to kick a player (in a coop game mind you) that’s using it. It’s beyond stupid, since the shield is still perfectly viable, and it’s also extremely toxic to the already dwindling community.

So, people that hate the shield. Tell me, why? Is it worth being a prick over?


I always saw this latent effect, did you recently went up in difficulty?
I think it’s linked to the idea that ogryn with shield tend to anchor down every time a fight a littlee bit intens start and don’t participate but feel like they are doing their part even if no one is really targetting them. plus that they use the shield as a compensation for not knowing how to slide and dodge into combat.

which obviously isn’t the case of all but I have seen it happen several time and I can see why some would hold a grudge. (and I like to use shield too in premade group)


People see the weapon as a crutch for dealing with ranged enemies so they think you’re garbage. They don’t realize that it allows you to play aggressively and advance on ranged enemies. They just remember that 1 ogryn that used the special and afk’d while their team got wiped that 1 game. The weapon is definitely lacking in some areas and needs some adjustments and buffs, but it’s perfectly usable for a competent player.


People hate shield Ogyrns because many are unproductive liabilities to the team. They plunck their shield down and decide that’s all they do. Now the team is down one player’s worth of damage and CC.

In addition, the other weapons are better. You want CC? Maul or Club can CC while doing damage. Tired of getting wrecked by a gun line? Any of the explosive weapons will CC and kill them. Stubber with the right blessing can help you tank and suppress them.


Some people take themselves and the game far too seriously. Ignore it big man :slight_smile:


Not sure I’ve ever seen a shieldgryn that didn’t cause the team problems. Either through inactivity and simply plonking their shield down and waiting for the team to do the job, or because the shield is so bad that even when they’re active, they are bringing almost zero killing power to the team. Not saying there can’t be exceptions, just saying I’ve never come across one that didn’t dramatically hamper the team.


Well, I would never say this and I hate to see such comments in my games… You can see such comments sometime, in a damnation game, when you don’t use the weapon that are commonly seen as efficient. Just ignore such players…

I have met Ogryn that play well with the shield… but too much that rely on it and wait like an ivory tower in middle of a battle and let all their teammates dying without even making a move.
That’s the reason why I fear the worst when I see an ogryn with a shield.
Hopefully, I must say that, in damnation difficulty, I have never seen one.


Shield Ogryn has the same flaw that Shield Ironbreaker had in VT2, but worse.

The weapon in itself isn’t bad, but it doesn’t have much potential and lead to bad play by peoples.

For example, a bad play in both VT2 and in DT is to block without at least trying to move away, or to push the enemy to give breathing room, but the special attack on the Ogryn Shield make it so that you become immobile.

Now some people think that the way to fix it is to make it pull Aggro, but that in itself would only snowball the Ogryn Shield further into the disliked weapons. Instead, give the Ogryn Shield either an active Maul attack (As it’s a Power Maul) or have the special attack a heavy Shield bash


Guys complaining in this thread about not enough damage because shield and in another thread too much damage power sword op

Guys are never happy lol

Literally just now shield ogryn plonked shield and I sat next to him clearing zombies with power sword was fine. :man_shrugging:

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Why are people in the Desert complaining that they are thirsty when those guys live in Moonsoon region and have that much water ?

The weapon need to be balanced, one being too passive doesn’t mean that another get to be too strong.


Please do point to the post where I said power sword was OP. If you can’t, then kindly stop putting words in my mouth. Further I don’t play Ogryn, which is why I can only write about what the experience has been when a shieldgryn is on my team, since I have no tried the weapon myself. In my experience they are always a negative. I even said that isn’t necesarily always the case, but it has certainly been the case in my experience.

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It never was


Read it again. Then


If you look carefully I think you might see that it looks a whole lot like you’re saying the same guys are saying one thing in one thread, and another thing in this thread.


I Like the shield.
Could it use a Dmg-Buff → yes.
Are its lights useless: i think yes.
I only use heavies (in addition to bleed) with it, so you get some kind of tankier and CC a lot … and bleed them out a little … it’s not as effective as I wished for, but it works …
I feel its heavies are quite fast, but that might just be personal feeling and is not evidence based (at all).

The special CAN have it’s uses, but that’s really seldom imo. It would be better if that special kept the aggro once you hit an enemie (at least for a certain time), so you could tank (Mini-)Bosses with it (but imo you should be forced to ‘refresh’ aggro by hitting again).

Movement speed should be increased while blocking to get faster into meelee and CC, perhaps that would compensate for the low-dmg-profile and help the team by binding shooters …

EDIT: perhaps the Special could be used to protect reviving teammembers … but that does not happen a lot, because either the Ogryn doesn’t position himself well, or the other teammember do not get fast enough what he is trying … speaking would help … but sometimes you just get ignored …


I always like seeing shield ogryn if they know when to plonk it on the ground.
IT isnt the best when it comes to clear or cc, but veteran with PS does that any time he wants.
Zealot with flamer or good melees can approach veteran level of melee clear.
Psyker has ALOT of utility AND dmg with his staves and never has to take ammo.

But only ogryn can plonk down his shield and make a mobile cover that removes the threat of shotgunners, multilas/machinegun, reaper, normal ranged enemies
I have several memories of me as zealot and another veteran taking out their MKXII lasguns behind a ogryns shield and to take down a horde of ranged specials
F-cking glorious on D5+

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Exactly this. Don’t be one of the players that plops the shield down and sits irrelevant to the rest of the map. It stands up to damnation easy with the bleed build. Nobody has ever complained about me using it exclusively after dozens of games.

The only time you should use the shield plant is if you pull a demonhost. If you do pull one in a damnation run you’ve probably got bigger problems with your group anyways. Just my opinion.

Anyone who joins a public lobby in a co-op game then wants to control the Loadout and play style of the other random people they team with should take a good look at themselves. You want to control every aspect of the game then wait for them to add customisable bots and play single player. The random aspect of public games is what makes it fun win or loose.

Maybe discord fiefdom you can count on people playing meta builds with meta weapons but public games should always be a random crapshoot. Kicking people out or flaming them for anything short of blatant bm or afk is abuse of that button.

You cant play around random builds playstyles or skill levels of people in public games then dont join them. simple as that from my perspective.

I’ve never even thought of kicking someone for something so stupid before lol wth is wrong with you people :smiley:


Personally, I could care less what other players bring, as long as they’re contributing something and not actively trolling, I’m happy. Hell, sometimes I’ll run subpar fun builds myself as there’s only so many runs before Brutal Momentum Axe gets boring.


I have a combat axe with decimator and headtaker… Yes, you don’t clean hordes as fast as with a axe that has BM, but it is usefull to wipe a full group of gunners… and that’s fun.